Rainbow Chiffon Cake

I recently bought Kevin Chai’s book ‘Chiffon Cake is done’, with various kind of chiffon recipes in this book. And this Rainbow Chiffon caught my attention for the beautiful colour shades.

I have never thought that making this chiffon cake was quite a challenge for me. Why? The reason was because making one chiffon cake was equivalent to make four chiffon cakes at one time. Dividing the egg batter into 4 portions …. minimum 5 mixing bowls to do the job. Hahahhaha …. :D Not to mention the need to mix individual colour batter for each layer.

At the end of the day, I was quite satisfied with how it turned out. The texture of this cake … moist, soft and fluffy …........and …......
the best part was being able to enjoy 4 flavours in a slice :)

Ingredients :
Egg York Batter:
6 Egg yolks
50 gr Sugar
4 tbsp Oil (I used 60gr)
60 ml Milk (I replaced with 18 gr coconut powder + water = 60 gr)
½ tsp vanilla essence (I omitted)
110 gr Self-raising four (I used Cake Flour + ½ tsp Baking Powder)

Few drops yellow colouring
1 tsp Cocoa powder (I add extra few drops chocolate paste)
Few drops pink colouring (I add extra few drops strawberry paste)
Few drops pandan paste

Egg White Foam:
6 Egg whites
¼ tsp Cream of tartar
100 grm sugar (I reduced to 70gr)

- Preheat oven to 170C.
-To make egg yolk batter: Combine egg yolks, sugar, oil, milk and vanilla essence in a mixing bowl. Fold in flour until forms batter.
- Divide batter into 4 portions. Add in difference colour separately, mix until well blended.
- To make egg white foam: Beat egg whites and cream of tartar until foamy, gradually add in sugar, beat at high speed until frothy and stiff peaks form.
- Divide egg white foam into 4 portions. Gently fold into egg yolk batter separately, mix until well blended.
- Pour each of colour batter mixture into ungreased 23cm tube pan by sequence.
- Bake in for 30-40 minutes or until cooked.
- Remove from oven, invert cake onto table until completely cooled.

I am submitting this chiffon cake to Aspiring Bakers #1: Chiffon Cakes (Nov 2010) hosted by Small Small Baker.
Blogger or Non-blogger …. Yup ….. Everyone is welcome.
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  1. what a lovely rainbow chiffon! the colors will make everyone feels happy!

  2. Wow so nice! Looks at the layers of colour, so beautiful! Saw so many Aspiring bakers entry these few days, I still can't decide what chiffon to bake.

  3. This chiffon is really pretty and eye-catching!! :) Nicely done!

  4. Hi,

    This chiffon is well done and it looks soft and fluffy.

    Best Regards

  5. Doris, this must be the most colourful and beautiful chiffon cake I've seen! Really! Thank you so much for supporting this event! :)

  6. Very pretty chiffon cake that is not all about colour but also different flavours! Thumbs up!

  7. beautiful chiffon!!i bought this book too, but still inside the popular's plastic beg :P

  8. this colorful chiffon is indeed very inspiring!!

  9. Oh this so too pretty!! What the effort to make this colourfull cake. Great job!!

  10. cantik dan gebussssss.... leh bookmark nih! bila2 boley buat.. thanx DG!

  11. Oh I loved this colourful chiffon cake. :) How can I bear to eat it.

  12. I love the lovely rainbow colour, Doris! I have this book too! However, I was too lazy to colour them. But looking at how pretty yours turn out, I shall try it one day. :)

  13. Looking at the color just cheers me up! You are right, it's like tasting so many flavors in one slice, excellent! Thanks for sharing this....a beautiful cake indeed.

  14. Very pretty :)
    I think my kids will love this.

  15. This looks good! I've yet to try baking one like this, after seeing yours, I'm highly motivated.

  16. Jess@J3ssKitch3n,
    Thanks for the lovely comments.

    Thanks. I saw that too and looking forward to see your beautiful chiffon at your blog soon. :)

    Hanushi & Chritine Ang,
    Thank you for the nice comments.

    Thank you for your encouragement :) Thanks to you too for organizing this event, it really makes baking more fun.

    Chik Mimi & Mrs Plain-June,
    Terima kasih.

    Thanks. This is the plus point of baking this cake :D

  17. 茄子,
    LOL …. you know sometimes it happens to me too! Almost forgetting what I bought. :D

    Thanks for the compliments :)

    Thanks! Boleh buat bila ada waktu, di jamin pasti suka :)

    Thank you for your lovely words :)

    Passionate About Baking,
    It’s really challenging …. you should try this out and sure you will enjoy & like it.

    Honey Bee Sweets,
    Thank you! You too makes beautiful cakes.

    Thanks. Yes, this chiffon is good, I am sure your girls are going to love this too.

    Blessed Homemaker,
    Thank you. I hope you try this out and I am sure your kids are going to like it :)

  18. oh so cute, the color is so lovely! it makes me happy to eat it. .I want to try this one:)

  19. Love the colors of this cake. Nice to have dropped here, lovely site. Best wishes.

  20. hey doris,

    i have the same book too! but this is one of the recipes that I would not think of doing. It is far too troublesome! great job on the effort! Its very rainbow-ish indeed

  21. Elpi,
    Thank you for sweet comments. Hope you can start baking soon. :)

    Thanks for dropping by and lovely words. You have a wonderful website too.

    LOL.. Actually it's not too troublesome, but just more washing up to do. Hahahaha ...
    Thanks for your nice compliment.

  22. This is so pretty!! i love it. I am heading to Small small baker to find out more about this event! LOL

  23. Crustabakes,
    Thank you. Let's join the fun, remember to bake a chiffon before the month ends. ;) Looking forward to see yours soon.

  24. Thanks for stopping by my blog! This cake looks absolutely amazing. You have a wonderful blog and I will definitely be following. Great Post!

  25. Agree with you and ZY, the washing up is most ma-fan part ... LOL! Making 1 chiffon is like making 4 ... LOL!

    Gotta say, though, it's an absolutely gorgeous chiffon! Bravo!

  26. Very nice colours! Your chiffon is great for the submission :D

  27. Angela,
    Thanks for your support. You have a great blog too.

    Pei Lin,
    Once a in awhile ... only for special events like this ... then can make ... LOL
    Thank you very much, I always love your comments.

    Thank you for your nice compliments :)

  28. hi, thanks for dropping by my blog..this cake looks so colourful and it actually reminds me of a very colourful bread that kristy from my little space once made and this looks soft too. yeah, i read about the chiffon cake challenge..this is great!

  29. Thank you Lena for the nice words. :)

  30. Doris, I love to see the rainbow chiffon, the colors are nicely spread out and its really looks yummy!

  31. Caroline & Clarice,
    Thanks for dropping by and your lovely comments. :)

  32. Hi yaa, I came to your website from SSB's round-up, what a beautiful cake, I have fallen in love with all the chiffon cakes, your's was very attractive, you have a beautiful blog..

  33. Hi Jayasri,
    Thanks for visiting and compliments.

  34. Hi, what size chiffon pan did you used? Thanks, Quyen

  35. Hi Quyen,
    The size for the top pan is 23cm :)

  36. Hello DG,

    Thank you for sharing this lovely recipe. I made it last Monday and it was a hit. I've posted the recipe in my blog with credit given to you. Thank you.

  37. The taste was good, but my cake collapsed. Any idea why?

    1. I'm sorry to hear that happened to yours. If you follow the ingredients correctly, most probably due to :
      - beating egg white : have to be at least medium stiff to stiff
      - oven temperature if too high cause the cake rise too fast / unstable
      Hope this may help.