Custard Cream Puff

'NCC Soes Week' is just another event organized by NCC members club. This time I can only made the simple puff, however, there are more varieties puff recipes can be found here. :)

Choux Paste: ( yields 10 nos )
70 g Butter
170 g Water
85 g Plain flour
1 egg, lightly beaten

Method for choux paste:
- Boil water and butter.

- Add flour and stir using hand whisk to form a smooth dough.

- Let dough cool to lukewarm, then add egg slowly until the consistency is right (batter should be smooth and slow flowing).

- Fill the mixture into piping bag and pipe it onto greased baking tray.

- Bake at 200 deg C until golden brown, about 20-25 mins.

Custard Cream Filling:

50 g Fresh cream (beat until stiff)

15 g Instant custard powder

40 g Fresh milk

Method for cream:

- Beat Instant custard powder and fresh milk until thick.

- Pour the mixture into fresh cream, stir till well mixed.

How to assemble:

- Cut the cream puffs but not cut through.

- Pipe some custard cream filling into the puffs

- Serve


  1. Hi Blessed Homemaker,

    Thanks for the nice words. :)

  2. Nice! I couldn't get the same effect with my piped pastry... may I know what nozzle you are using? Big open star?

  3. 170 g Water

    50 g Fresh cream (beat until stiff)

    40 g Fresh milk

    is that gram or ml? are they still the same amount?

  4. Hi Fadzillah,
    Sorry for the late reply, hope is not too late.
    Soft liquid like milk or water in gram or ml will have not much different. :)