No Bake Oreo Cheesecake

Looking at how Honey Bee Sweets was making this OREO cheesecake for her love ones, I cannot wait to try on this. Since my ‘to-do-list’ is getting longer, finally I made the small one, and just follow the original recipe. This is sure perfect for oreo and cheesecake lovers. Follow what she suggested that to leave it in the freezer, and it is just taste like Oreo ice cream. Hmmmm ….Yum Yum …. ;)

Ingredients for an 6" OREO Cheesecake
Biscuit Base:
60 gr crushed OREO cookies (with no cream, however, the cream to be used for the filling)
25 gr butter, melted

250 gr cream cheese, room temperature
80 gr caster sugar plus 'the cream removed from the cookies used for the biscuit base'
1.5 tsp of gelatin powder, melted in 45 gr of boiling water
1 tbsp of fresh lemon juice
100 ml dairy whipping cream, whipped
50 gr crushed OREO cookies in big chunk (updated 15/7/2010)

Extra OREO cookies, roughly chopped for topping (optional)

- Grease and line with parchment and plastic wrap an 6" spring form pan.
- For the base : In a large bowl, combine the melted butter with the crushed OREO cookies and mix well. Then press the mixture on to the base of the 6" spring form cake pan. Place in the fridge to chill for at least an half an hour.
- For the filling : Beat the cream cheese and sugar till mixture is nice and smooth.
- Add the gelatin mixture and lemon juice mix well. Then gently fold in the whipping cream, follow by the OREO cookie chunks.
- Gently pour the cream cheese mixture into the cake pan and let chill for at least few hours before serve.


  1. This sure looks like cookies and cream ice cream! My children would love this. Would love to try. Thanks very much for sharing.

  2. Very nice cake but too bad my hubby and parents don't like cheese, so I hardly make cheesecake unless I want to swallow the whole cake myself. I don't mind if I can still squeeze into my old small size clothes but not anymore after giving birth. :(

  3. Wah! Another one to add to the list. Mine is getting longer by the day!
    Very tempting and lovely as a dessert.

  4. Guess its time for me to stock up Oreo again to make this. Thanks for sharing.

  5. It been a long time I didn't make this. Your post make me craving for cheesecake again.

  6. MaryMoh,
    I'm sure your children will love this cheesecake. :)

    Don't worry, you can bake it next year. By then, I'm sure Lucius will help you to finish up this small cheesecake ;D

    Hahahaha .... same to me here. The list getting longer, and my waistline getting bigger :(

    Quick!! I cannot wait to see you make for your love ones :) Beside yummy, this cheesecakes simple and easy to prepare.

    Happy Flour,
    Aha!!! It's time for you to bake another cheesecakes to satisfy your craving ;P

  7. DG, I love this oreo cheesecake too, used to make a lot to give away as well. You are making me craving for it again :P
    BTW, I have some awards for you, feel free to pick them up from my blog :).

  8. Jess@Bakericious,
    Thanks for the nice comments and lovely awards :)

  9. i love oreo!! espeically in cheesecakes or shakes or ice cream.... this one captured my heart. I'm ur new follower!

  10. Hi, thanks for the lovely recipes. Will try this out especially for gatherings but can you explain what do u mean '80gr sugar plus the cream removed from the cookies used for the cake base'. i am a bit confused here. can you elaborate. thank you. rgds cindy.

  11. Made2Order,
    I love everything with oreo too. They are sometimes can be addicted, just like eating chocolate. Thanks for your nice words and your support. :)

    Thanks for hinting out. I already made some changes on the recipe, hope this may help. Please don't be hesitate to ask if you need some clarification.
    Also, I had updated on the big chunked oreo to be put in the filling.

  12. DG,

    Hahaha, u are so "advanced" I have never think of that.

    I have an award for you, please feel free to pick it up from my blog.

  13. Cook.Bake.Love,
    Thank you for the lovely awards :))

  14. Oreo cheesecake + no-bake.
    I LIKE!!

    I reckon there's no way you can go wrong with this recipe, since it doesn't require any baking.

    Your cake decoration is really nice too!

  15. DG, your Oreo cheesecake is very nice! definitely a lovelier version then mine. ;) So glad that you try this and love it.

  16. Hahahaha... NEL,
    You are right, this recipe is simple and easy to make, most important it is delicious.
    And also thanks for the compliments.

    Honey Bee Sweets,
    Thanks for the encouragement words.

  17. Hi,

    For the whip cream, should we whip it till stiff peak?


  18. Hi Sally,
    Yes, the texture is something like the one that you ready to use for piping.
    Happy Baking!

  19. LOVE these! Stop in and link them up in my Happy 100th Birthday Party for Oreo! I'd be honored to have your recipe attend the party!

    If you have anything else Oreo, feel free to link up! I"m promoting the party like crazy :)


  20. Hello. may i ask whether the butter is salted or unsalted? thanks!

  21. Hi Jerine,

    It is unsalted butter. Thanks for visiting and Happy Baking :)

  22. hi,
    Am glad to have stumbled onto your recipe; baked one for my current office, one for my ex-colleagues and a smaller one for my daughter for X'mas. It's easy to make and taste great.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Stephanie,
      It's a pleasure to hear that your family, friends and yourself enjoying the cake. Thanks for visiting and leaving a message :)

  23. Can i use the above ingredients and make the oreo cheesecake on a 8" spring form pan?

    1. Hi K CYea,

      No, however, you may double the recipe to make 8" spring form pan. I'm sure you will like the cake as much as I do :)

  24. Oh i see...initially i thought can use back the same ingredient, just that maybe the outcome of the cheesecake could be thinner than expected if i were to use 8" spring form pan. I couldnt find one 6" pan here...

    So all the above ingredients need to be double? Thanks a lot. Your cheesecake look really delicious, gonna try to make one tonight :)

    1. Your welcome :)

      If too short, but I know, taste come first, however it wont't look impresive :) The other way is try make it into cupcake version. It will be looks good too :)

  25. which is the formula as i'm new to making cheesecake
    sugar + cream =80gr or 80gr sugar + cream.?


  26. Hi Kinki,

    It is 80 gr sugar + the cream :) Hope you enjoy making it :)

    1. Thanks..I''ve got the ingredient ready..but I've got one more question. The Oreo for the filling is with or without cream..?

    2. For the bottom part : oreo without cream, however, use the oreo filling to mix with the 80 gr sugar.

      For the crush big chunk of oreo : use the whole oreo with cream filling

  27. I have made the cheesecake today morning. Just let my family try it as a after meal dessert..they all love it...tks for the recipe guidance...♥

    1. I'm glad to hear from you again that your family is enjoying the cheesecake. :) Thank you for sharing with me. :)

  28. Hi this is an amazing recipe! And I'm gonna try it out! But I have a question! How long can we keep the cheesecake for?

  29. Thanks Yu-chan,
    Cheesecake is best consume within 3 days.
    Happy Baking :)

  30. I have all the ingredients except for the gelatin powder, is that o.k? Or are there any substitutions for that ingredient to keep this recipe tasty and ready to make tonight!

    1. Hi Anon,

      I don't think there is any substitution for gelatin powder. If you make without this gelatin, you cheesecake will not firmly set.

      I never try this yet, but if you really cannot wait, you can make it and just freeze it and eat it just like ice-cream block. :)

  31. Hi. May I know whether the cheesecake will melt after I I bring it out from the fridge? Was thinking of bringing it to a picnic gathering of mine .

    1. As this is "no bake cheesecake", it is best consumed when it cool.

      You may be consider the bake version for your picnic gathering:

      The taste is delicious too :)