Kuih Tako

Seeing how easy Wendyywy recently made her tako, really attempted myself to try it at home. It’s true … it was really easy to make the tako, indeed I spent more time doing the tako casings from pandan leave than making the tako hahahaha ….   I couldn’t manage to get the mung bean starch, with Wendyywy fast replied & kindly clarification, then I decided to use mix of Hunkwe & corn flour to make it. But I'm satisfy with the result in texture and taste.

Pandan Layer:
25 gr Mung bean starch **
250 ml Pandan juice ++
60 gr Sugar
3 Water chestnuts, peeled and chopped

Coconut layer: 15 gr Mung bean starch **
125 ml Water
125 ml Coconut milk
50 gr Sugar
Very small pinch of salt
Pandan leaves for the tako casings (refer here for the full details)

- Prepare pandan layer. Mix everything together and cook on medium low heat until it looks transparent and thick.
- Spoon over prepared casings
- Prepare coconut layer. Mix everything together and cook on medium low heat until it thickens. Taste, it should no longer taste floury.
- Spoon over the pandan layer.
- Let cool down to room temperature and it will harden. Best served when chilled.

** I cannot find Mung bean starch, I replaced with half Hunkwe and half corn flour
++ I blended 15 gr Pandan leaves (cut into small pcs) with 300 ml water, strained to get the pandan juice.


  1. Upon seeing your kuih tako really made me craving! ;p

  2. 茄子 also mentioned in her post that the casing is not easy to make

  3. Thanks, Wendy for sharing the recipe with us.

    Happy Flour,
    Your recently kuih muih ... all really made me want to visit your place, so I can try it out hehehe ...

    Actually, if you refer to Wendyywy step-by-step to do casing, it's not really difficult to make, but frankly speaking it's very time consuming to assemble those :)

  4. I love kuih tako too, can I have one :D

  5. wow, great job..especially doing the casing!!! LOL!!

  6. Ann,
    Sorry, we finished up this batch. It's just my pleasure to serve new and fresh batch for you :)

    Thanks ... LOL

  7. Eileen@Hundred Eighty DegreesNovember 1, 2011 at 10:26 PM

    This looks good!

  8. This is beautifully done!! Perfect texture!