Cake Decorating Class

I've been waiting to join Richard Goh's Creaming/Icing Class from the day I saw FatmumBaking and Bake4Fun did 2 years ago, finally I just completed last week. The class was conducted at Community Centre, if you are interested, you may search at onePA website. However, if you miss his course this year, then normally you need to wait at least a year for him to teach for the same course, cause beside creaming class, he also teach other basic baking classes.

Total class are 8 lessons, with different theme everyweek. We need to bring our own sponge cake, it could be one or maybe two per week. It was quite challenging class, we were having fun there and all the baking classmates was quite friendly & helpful.

Here are my cakes, hope you enjoy .......

Week 1 : Simple Piping Cake

Week 2 : Cake Basket

Week 3 : Cartoon Character

Week 4 : Number or Alphabet Cake

Week 5 : House Cake

Week 6 : Doll Cake

Week 7 : Longevity Cake

Week 8 : Wedding Cake (Final)

If I never join this class, I don't even think that I will ever or dare to do these varieties of cakes.

So ...... which one is your favourite cake? :)


  1. did so well! I like all your cake decorations. If I had to choose it would be the Cake Basket because got so many flowers :)

  2. I can't select which one is my favourite, all of them are so beautiful. You must be real pleased, do you? A baker's fulfilment and satisfaction.

  3. All are very pretty !!!
    Love the flower on the basket :))

  4. Thanks all for leaving the comments :)

  5. I love all the cakes! U make me feel like attending classes. But I'm so clumsy at it, don't dare to go. Haha!

    1. Hahaha ... the class is quite fun, I'm sure you will enjoy it. I believe you can do much better than me. :)

  6. Doris, your cakes are awesome *^_^*

    1. Thanks Cathy, I saw your flower cakes, so gorgeous, I am far far away from you skills. Hope that one day got chance to be your student :)

  7. I wish I wish I have time to do this. Must wait for my girl to be older to commit. haiz.

  8. Doris,
    All of them looked so good! That's no one favourite, but all favourites! Great work! You're turning into a pro soon! :)

  9. Hi Doris,
    All your cakes are so pretty.
    I have never join a cake decorating class before.
    Hope I hav a chance one day:)
    Thanks for sharing !