Steamed Sweet Potato Mantou

With additional sweet potato into the recipe, it really make the mantous taste even nicer & fragrant than the standard white mantou.
And instead of normal mantou roll shape, just for fun, I made it into donut shape :) Here are the look of healthy donuts :))

Source : Wendyywy - Table of Two or more

Ingredients: - recipe in half
5.5 gr Instant yeast
¼ tsp Sugar
75 ml Water

250 gr Pau flour
125 gr Steamed Orange Sweet Potato
50 gr Sugar
½ Tbsp Double action baking powder
¼ tsp Salt

20 gr Shortening, melted

Filling – chocolate chips & salted egg yolks custard (optional)

Method: (Using a Dough Mixer or Hand Knead)
- Proof A until it froths.
- Mix B, knead it until the mixture will look crumbly
- Pour in yeast mixture (A), knead until it smooth and no longer sticky.
- Add in the melted shortening, knead until dough no longer feels oily.
- Shape into a ball and cover dough with a damp cloth and let it rest for about an hour or until double in size (My dough rest around 30 mins).
- Knock down dough to expel some air, transfer to a lightly floured surface. Here, half dough, I roll and use donut cutter to make donut shape and the other half, I divide into 25 gr each and wrap each piece with filling.
- Place the pau onto a piece of greaseproof paper or muffin case. Proof it for another 15 mins or until the shaped mantou has double.
- Stean the mantou over the high heat for about 10 mins (adjust the timing based on the pau size)
- Best serve while it hot.

Yields : 17 pcs

I am submitting this post to Aspiring Bakers #31: BaoHo-Chiak 包好吃(May 2013) hosted by Miss B of Everybody Eats Well in Flanders.


  1. DG, this is something I cannot resist!

  2. DG, At the first glance on the first two pictures, I thought they are donuts...hahaa
    Anyway,I'm sure they are very delicious with the filling inside.

  3. He visto tu blog en el de Veronica y te visito.
    Tienen que estar muy buenos esos roscos.

    Saludos, manolo

  4. Wow! these sure looks delicious and no leakage seen here! beautifully done! I like the donuts shape too!

  5. Oh wow.....what a way to make healthy donut! I wish I can have one!