Chocolate Ice-cream Mini Mooncakes

Quick and easy mooncakes to make, what you need only 2 ingredients : chocolate and ice cream. :)

200 gr Dark Cooking Chocolate
100 gr your favourite ice cream (here I used Oreo ice cream)

- Let the ice cream sit at room temperature so that it become soft.
- Melt the chocolate in double boil method, using small heat, until it completely melted.
- Spread thinly the chocolate into the mooncake mould, and make sure the chocolate completely covering the surface of the mould.
- Put the mould in the freezer for 5 minutes or until the chocolate harden.
- Take the chocolate mould out of the freezer. Finish filling 80% with the melted ice cream, remain with some room left at the top.
- Put the tray back into the freezer for 30 minutes or until the ice cream harden. Spread the remaining melted chocolate over the top and smooth with back spoon. Put it back to the freezer for 30 minutes.
- Then, turn the mould over and press or tap gently to remove the mooncakes.

Please note the below ingredients only for the below size of mooncake plastic mould, you may change slightly depend on the size of your mould.

Wishing All Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!


  1. wow what a lovely dessert moon cake and ice cream yummm makes me hungry

  2. What a brilliant idea! Chocolate ice cream mooncakes. Well I guess I'd have to wait till next year to make these.

    1. Thanks Veronica, hahahahaha need to wait till next year to make these, you can just start anytime cause I believe the ingredients easily found at your kitchen hehehehe :)

  3. Yum, yum...this is so tempting. ;p

  4. DG, Happy Mid Autumn Festival to you and your family.
    Love this choc ice cream mooncakes. Very suitable for our hot weather.

    1. Hi Ann,
      Thanks. Happy Mid autumn festival to you and your family too :)

  5. I will love to try this! Mayb next year will try to make this.

    1. Hi Puan Ros,
      I saw you made quite varieties of mooncakes this year from your blog, I believe you will make it better than mine :)

  6. Replies
    1. Why not? The easiest ingredients to be prepared, need only 2 items hahahah .... :D