Lapis Surabaya Irit Telur

Tested recipe from Everything4sweets
Tasted : Soft

Yellow Layer:
5 eggs yolk
2 eggs white
70 gr sugar
20 gr plain flour
10 gr custard powder
20 gr maizena/corn flour
20 gr margarine, melted
70 ml vegetable oil
3 egg white, beat until stiff

Chocolate Layer:
4 eggs yolk
2 eggs white
60 gr sugar
20 gr chocolate powder
10 gr custard powder
10 gr maizena
1/4 tsp chocolate paste
20 gr margarine, melted
60 ml vegetable oil
2 eggs white, beat until stiff
Strawberry jam (optional) for the spread

Method:- Preheat oven at 200C
- Beat eggs, sugar until light and pale in colour.
- Fold in sieve flours, stir well.
- Add melted margarine and oil, and stir well.
- Bake 10 minutes with 200C, then bake another 10 minutes with 150C or until cooked.
- Remove from oven and let it cool onto wire rack

Cake assembly:Put the layer by layer with the strawberry jam.

PS : Use 1.5 yellow recipe for the three layers
Yields : 20x20 cm

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  1. Hi, are you able to translate the lapis surabaya recipe from everythin4sweet? thanks