Mango Dessert

(1st Layer)
5g agar-agar powder
60g sugar
400g water
Sliced mango (optional)

Method:- Mixed all, stir and bring to boil over low heat.
- Pour little bit into mould, put the sliced mango. Let it half set before pour all into mould and allow to cool.

(2nd Layer)
1 packet Hollyfarms Mango Dessert
6g agar-agar powder
1litre water
3 small mangoes, diced

Method:- Mixed all, stir and bring to boil and until dessert dissolve.
- Add the diced mangoes into the dessert.
- Pour into top of the 1st layer and allow it cool before put into refrigerator

Notes : Usually if you make into small mould, no need to put agar-agar powder for the mango dessert.
Ingredient pictures:

Other pictures :


  1. Hi DG

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Yap the sunflower mould that my sis bought would be just perfect for this wonderful mango pudding you have made.


  2. Hi Olivia,

    Thanks for your nice words. :)