Birthday Cake - Soccer Ball

We are lucky to have our both sons’ birthday just 2 days apart, so we will usually celebrate it on the same day. This year is my second attempt to make their birthday cake. As per their requested, finally I made the soccer ball cake. The bottom part was strawberry cake, that made from sponge cake recipe shared by Happy Home Baking. The ball cake was steam moist chocolate cake, the recipe shared by Blessed Homemaker. The half recipe yielded around 3 small bowl rice, then I combined 2 into a ball. The best part is the boys were happy with the cake.

Other pictures :


  1. WOW DG! I thought I'm in the football field so pretty. Happy Birthday to your two sons ;D

  2. What a beautiful cake. My girl would love this. She's crazy over soccer!

  3. i m curious on the piping of the football, may i know how u do it. A good job on your decoration.


  4. Hi Anncoo & MaryMoh,
    Thank you for the compliments :)

    Hi Happyflour,
    So sorry :( I think I accidentally deleted your comment.
    But thank you for the nice words :)

  5. Hi Christine,

    Thanks for for the compliment. My drawing onto the ball cake was also not perfect. I drew the line first, then I piped the star for the finishing touch.

    You can draw either pentagon or hexagon. But I think pentagon (the black part of the ball) is easier since there have 5 sided. Firstly you draw one pentagon in the middle, then just pull 5 line (almost the same length as the pentagon) outside the pentagon. Each end line, you continue draw 2 line apart (just like drawing 2 sided of triangle) before you finish up the other 3 sided to make another pentagon. If you notice carefully, the white part of the ball will be in hexagon shape, once you connect the line among the three pentagon.

    For your reference :

    Hope this may answer your curiosity :)

  6. Hi Doris,

    Hahaha... Lucky, I'm not the only one who will accidentally deleted comments.

    Are you free next week, like to treat you for a morning tea? :)

  7. Happy belated birthday to your boys! Am sure its the best gift frm mummy!

  8. Hi Happyflour,

    Hahahaa :D very blur on me hor ;)
    Hey, is there any special occasion?
    Of course I don't want to miss your speciat treat, I will email you :)

    Hi Fatmum,

    Thanks. We try our best to give them the best, and feel so happy if they can appreciate it.

  9. DG, my son asked for a soccer ball cake for his bday last year but knowing I couldn't fulfill, I managed to convince him to just accept whatever cake I can produce :P

    Yours look absolutely fabulous! I hope I can bake a call cake for him one day.

  10. It never too late, you may bake for him this year :)