Chocolate Meringue Cake

This is my second contribution for our recent POP Party. Actually, that's my last minute decision as I scared that I won't be enough time to do. Somemore, I failed on Kevin's chocolate sponge cake that night, then I re-baked using my chocolate swiss roll recipe with slightly changes on the sweetness. However, it all worth the effort :) cause I glad to hear the good reviews on this cake :))

Source : Kevin Chai – My favourite Dainty Desserts with modification

Chocolate Ganache – Ingredients: (PREPARE IN ADVANCE)
200 gr Fresh Cream
40 gr Butter
240 gr Chocolate (I used 70% dark)

- Bring cream and butter to the boil, remove from heat.
- Stir in chocolate until melted and smooth.
- Leave to cool or refrigerate until solidify.

Chocolate Sponge - Ingredients:
80 gr Boiling water
20 gr Cocoa Powder
20 gr Sugar

4 Egg yolks
15 gr Sugar
40 gr Oil
55 gr Cake four

3 Egg whites
40 gr Sugar

- Shift cocoa powder and sugar in bowl, then pour in the boiling water and stir well incorporated.
- Preheat oven 200 degree.
- Hand whisk egg yolks and sugar until pale. Add in oil & the cocoa mixture, mix well.
- Fold in cake flour until combined.
- In separated bowl, whisk egg white until foamy, add in 40gr sugar, whisk until stiff (soft peak).
- Pour 1/3 egg white mixture into egg yolk-flour mixture and mixed well, then pour this into the rest of the egg white and mixed well.
- Pour into tray (12"x12"x1") and bake for 10-15 mins.
- Leave to cool on a wire rack
- Cut into halves.

Nut Meringue - Ingredients:
5 Egg whites (I used 4 (L) Egg Whites)
120 gr Caster sugar (I used 90 gr)
50 gr Ground almond
50 gr Chopped walnut (I toasted first, then chopped)
20 gr Bread flour

- Whisk Egg whites until soft peaks form, add in sugar.
- Continue beating until mixture become stiff peaks form.
- Fold in combined of nut and flour.
- Spread mixture into tray (12”x12”x1”) and bake in oven at 180C for 15-20 minutes
- Cut into halves.

- Spread chocolate ganache on top of the sponge. Place on meringue, continue layering until finished, and press lightly.
- Spread ganache over the top. Before it set up, use the knife to mark diagonal lines apart in both directions making a diamond pattern. Fridge until firm.
- Slice the cake, dust with cocoa powder and serve.


  1. Thanks Doris! I've been waiting for this to be publish! Now I can try to replicate your wonderful cake! :)

  2. I love love love this cake. So nice and chocolatey!

  3. Wow anymore - I pop over to your house to take. Looks very good.

  4. Thanks you sharing...look yummy and taste!!

  5. Looks sinfully delicious!!! Would like to have some now :)

  6. Me too!!!!! Tks for sharing.

  7. At first I thought it's tiramisu ^_^

  8. oh, this must be the cake that everyone was raving about! the nut meringue with choc ganache do sound good to me!

  9. Thank you everyone for your lovely comments :)

    Jane (PAB),
    I'm very sure you can do better job than me, really looking forward for your beautiful version soon :)

    Yummy Bakes,
    Sorry, none left. Since we are so near to each other, just let know when you want it, I'll make one for you :D

    Hahahaha, it looks like Opera cake to me :)

  10. Got this book but have not tried this delicious and nutty chocolate cake yet. Now seeing your beautiful cake, this reminds me that I should bake this cake too.

  11. Looks great!
    Hundred Eighty Degrees