Black Glutinous Steam Cake

I brought two cakes for our recent bloggers’ gathering using the same basic ingredients (black glutinous flour) and this is the steam version. I prefer steam one cause you can really taste the fragrant of black glutinous in the cake compare to chiffon. It is soft and has chewy texture too. If you prefer soft & fluffy texture, then you should try this chiffon version.

Source : NCC - Fatmah Bahalwan with modification

Ingredients :
2 Eggs
50 gr Caster Sugar

75 gr Black Glutinous Flour
25 gr Cake Flour

40 gr Oil
60 gr Instant Coconut Milk
1 Tbsp Condensed Milk
Pinch of salt

- Preheat the steamer.
- Beat eggs, sugar until pale & thick.
- Add in mixed flour, stir a while.
- Add in mixed oil, coconut milk and salt, stir until well incorporated.
- Pour in small pan, steam for 40 mins or cook.


  1. I'm amazed to know that this cake is made by steaming! It looks very light and fluffy. I did hopped over to see your post of the chiffon version of this cake and I thought this chiffon cake has a great interesting flavor.

  2. Both types are unique in texture and taste! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi dear,
    Where do u get this black glutinous flour?

  4. If only I get to taste this...

    I still have a pack of the BGR flour.

  5. Thanks Zoe,
    This flour really have a unique taste.

    Your welcome :)

    Hi Margaret,
    I got this from Jakarta-Indonesia, however, I guess you also can find this Johor-Malaysia.

    You should try this, you may like this too.

  6. tis looks good!!! E flour only can be bought from Indonesia?

  7. I just bought a pkt BGR flour , still thinking what to do, I might try this as it sound healthy with steam version . Thanks for sharing .

  8. Mimi,
    So far I usually only get from Indo, however, I noticed that Malaysian bloggers also be able to get this too from their place.

    Yes, BGR flour can use for many purposes, and the speciality, it will give dark colour to your cake/kueh. Give a try and sure you will love it too :)

  9. Doris, your bakes are always so yummy-licious! :)

  10. I like both.. chiffon and this steamed cake ^_^

  11. Eileen@Hundred Eighty DegreesNovember 28, 2011 at 6:24 PM

    I wouldn't mind to try both!

  12. Thanks Doris for these lovely cakes!! (Plus the BGR powder too!) I can't wait to bake this recipes...;))

  13. Steamed cakes are the best!:) What a unique flavor for a steam cake, I have never heard of the black glutinous steam cake before but I bet it must be awesome!!;)

  14. Delicious recipe! It's make me hungry :) Thanks a lot for sharing.