Sate Padang

For this month NCC events "Indonesian Food Week", I would like to join by cooking Sate Padang.

Sate Padang is quite common satay in Indonesia and one of my favourites satay, which originally from Padang - West Sumatra province. The satay are usually sold in beef or lamb meat, inclusive the tongue and the intestines. It tastes very hot and usually served with ketupat (rice cake). However, this time I only cooked chicken meat instead of beef or lamb.

Since it is consider as a street food, people will normally buy them instead of cook in Indonesia. If you are interested to see how they are being sold in Indonesia, please refer to selby's food corner.

Here are the recipe :

2 pcs (700-800 g) chicken breast fillets (or chicken thigh)
1 litre water
3 pcs lime leaf
2 lemon grass
40 g rice flour, mixed with 100 ml water
2 tbsp cooking oil
Bamboo skewers
Fried shallots, for sprinkle
Rice cake (optional)

Ingredients to be grounded to a paste:
4 red Chilli (more spicy, put 6)
4 cloves Garlic
10 Shallots
2 tsp Ground coriander
2 tsp White pepper
5 cm Tumeric (more dark colour gravy, put 10 cm)
3 cm Galangal
2 cm Ginger
2 tsp Salt

- Bring water to boil, add chicken fillet until it soft or the broth left in half. Drain the meat from its broth. Keep the broth.
- Cut the fillets into cube about 2 x 1.5 cm.
- Preheat 2 tbs cooking oil into fry pan, stir fry the grounded paste, lime leaf and lemon grass. Fried it until fragrant. Remove from the heat.
- Bring the broth to boil and add 2/3 of the fried grounded paste. Stir well. Add the rice flour water into it slowly, stir until looks like gravy (thicken).
- Stir fry the rest of fried grounded paste (1/3) with the cutting fillets. Cook in lower heat until mixed well.
- Stick each 3-4 pcs diced chicken into bamboo skewers. Grill.
- Serving : rice cake, chicken satay, gravy and finally sprinkle some fried shallots.Serve while it hot.

Yields : 35 sticks


  1. Wow... the sate padang looks so delicious! I love eating it with a lot of sauce :)

  2. Hi Selba,

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I also love eating it with lots of sauce. :)