Shepherd's Pie

Tested original recipe by Gina – Kitchen Capers

Ingredients (modified):
150g chicken mince
3/4 can of Campbell’s Cream of Chicken
1-2 tbsp water (optional)
150g mixed vegetables(frozen pack)
1/2 large white onion, chopped
20g butter(salted)

Toppings (modified):
115g instant mashed potatoes powder (I used Idahoan – roasted garlic)
2 cup water
30g salted butter
shredded cheddar cheese (optional)

Method to cook the filings:
- Heat up wok with the butter until melt
- Add onions until it soft and fragrant
- Add chicken until half cooked, then add mixed vegetables and stir fry overhigh heat for 5 mins.
- Pour in the cream of chicken
- Do not add any water (optional I added 1-2 tbsp to dilute the cream)
- Sir to mix everything together
- Turn off heat, remove and set aside

Method for topping:
- Boil the water
- Add potato powder in the boiling water in and stir till you get a nice creamy mashed potatoes
- Add butter while its still hot, stir to mix, it will melt.

Method to assemble:
- Add 1.5 tbsp of filling into a disposal tin foil cup
- Add 2 tbsp of topping on top of it. Spread to even out & sprinkle shredded cheese
- Baked in preheated oven 200C for 10 mins or until the top is evenly browned
- Serve immediately while its still warm.

Yields : 16 pcs

Step-by-step pictures: