Mini Mango Mousse

Mousse - Ingredients:
150g Mango Puree
200g Fresh Cream
1 tbsp Gelatin
3 tbsp Boiling Water

- Dissolve gelatin in the boiling water over a low fire, stir well mixed.
- Whisk Fresh cream at high speed until stiff.
- Add mango puree into the fresh cream, stir well mixed.
- Pour the Gelatin and mix well.

Topping - Ingredients:
100g Mango Puree
2 tsp Gelatin
3 tbsp Boiling Water
Mango Cube (optional)
Chocolate (optional)

- Dissolve gelatin in the boiling water over a low fire, stir well mixed. Let it cool.
- Pour into the mango puree and stir well mixed.

Base - Chocolate sponge cake

The way to assembly:
- Cut the chocolate cake using round cutter (dia 5cm), then wrap in with plastic to make a circle.
- Pour the mango mousse by piping it into the cake until the high that you want it.
- If you like, you can put in the cake between the mousses. Set it into freezer for half an hour.
- Pour the mango puree mixture onto the mango mousse.
- Design it with mango cube and chocolate.

Yields : 9 pcs


  1. Hi

    Beautiful Mango Mousse cake.


  2. Hi Olivia,

    Thanks for your compliment. :)

  3. this is nice. the plastic wrapping method is a good one :D I'll try next time. Thanks!

  4. DG, did u buy those small mousse ring? I like the way it is being presented. Nice nice!!!

  5. Hi Sherynn,

    Thanks for visiting and the nice words. :)

  6. Hi Fatmum,

    I didn't buy the mousse ring. I just use round cutter to cut the base cake, then i wrapped around the cake with the long plastic and sealed it with the scotch tape. Then pour the mousse using the piping bag and spoon to tidy it. If you noticed the picture, it was a bit untidy, forgot to wipe first before taking the picture ... hahahaa .. You may try this way for other mousse cake too ;)

  7. good good. Save $ no need to buy so many rings. Thanks.