Bakpao Indonesia Style

I miss Indonesia steamed bao, which we call it Bakpao (Steamed Meat Bao). So I tried to make one using the special bao yeast (see below), which I bought from Indonesia. The ingredients and process are not complicated. Proof time was only take 10-15 mins, but as you can see the size before and after steamed below picture are so much different. The skin is soft, even though the bao skin turned out not as fluffy as what I expected to be. Filling is minced chicken. This is my first time to make bao, overall I am quite happy with the result.

If you would like to know more about Bakpao Indonesia and how it is usually being sold (beside market place), let us peep @ Selby's Food Corner.

Special yeast :


  1. DG, check out this clip. U will have a rough guide on the shaping. Have fun with bao zi!

  2. Hi Fatmum,

    Thanks a lot for sharing the shaping tips. Hopefully, I will get nicely shaped bao to show you. Hahahaa ...