Black Glutinous Swiss Roll

7 Egg yolk
3 Egg white
75 g Sugar

30 g Plain flour
25 g Black glutinous flour
10 g Milk powder
¼ tsp Baking powder

90 g Butter, melted

Cream Filling:
50 g White Chocolate, melted
100 g Fresh Cream

- Preheat the oven to 200C
- Whisk ingredients “A” at maximum speed till thick and creamy.
- Fold “B” to “A”, mixed well.
- Add in warm melted butter and fold well.
- Pour into grease pan 28x28x2cm.
- Bake for 15-20 mins or until baked.
- Remove from oven, leave to cool before spread the cream filling.
- Cream Filling : Whisk the fresh cream until stiff then add in melted chocolate.
- Roll, slice and serve.


  1. wow! I've never seen this swissroll anywhere before! I'm really impressed. It looks beautiful :D

  2. Hi TracieMoo,

    Thank you :) I still got lots to learn, need to practise more to get full round swiss roll.

  3. Thanks Blessed Homemaker :)

  4. Hi,
    May i ask where can we get black glutinous flour in singapore? thks

  5. Hi ChezzyHeart,
    I think there is no one sell it yet in Singapore. I got it from Jakarta-Indonesia. However, the nearest you can get is from JB or Batam.

  6. Thks DG =) luckin trying out the recipe then. i hardly travel to malysia, not to mention indonesia. hee..

  7. Hi CheezyHeart,
    Don't be disheartened. You can also try this recipe with out glutinuous flour. Just substitute with normal glutinuous flour or plain flour. The taste will be nice as well, the texture will be soft, as this recipe use more egg yolks, except for the colour, will not be grey.

    But if you want some challenge, maybe you can try on black sesame flour, maybe you will have the same colour effect. I have not try this before, I guess it should be nice too.

  8. Hearty Bakes,
    Thanks for the nice words :)

  9. Hi DG,

    Hehe... Before I embark on this, just want to check with you on some ingredients. :)

    1. What do you do/recommend with the remaining egg yolks?

    2. What is the brand of milk powder and white chocolate you use? Where to get the white chocolate?

  10. I must be "sleepy" and confused that I saw wrongly. This recipe uses more egg yolks than egg whites. Blur me... Haha...

    Still, what do you do with the remaining egg whites?

  11. Hi Homegirl,
    I'm ready to answer your question :)

    1. You can check my blog categories under "egg whites", you can bake cookies or cupcakes using the egg whites. Try out Lidah Kucing, I think you will like it.
    However, you can keep the remaining egg whites in the freezer first, if you don't feel to make use of it on the same day.

    2. For milk powder, any brand is okay, because only 10gr is used on the recipe. I usually used my son's baby powder milk. :) Or, if you don't have any milk powder at home, you can substitute with plain flour. So total plain flour will be 40 gr.

    For the cream filling:
    The white chocolate that I used is white chocolate couverture droplets, you can get it from any baking shop, eg. Phoon Huat etc.

    However, you can also just use butter cream or whipped cream for the filling. For example : I baked oreo swiss roll using the same recipe and whipped cream for the filling. (please refer

    Hope this may help it, please let me know once you try it :) If you need further clarification, do not hesitate to ask :)
    Happy Baking!

  12. Hi DG,

    Thanks for the explanation and patiently answering my questions. I tried this recipe yesterday!!

    I must share with you the "blunders" I had. Hahaha...

    1) My rolling skills are so bad (first time rolling and I thought it would be like rolling sushi), the cake broke into half (almost half neatly)! :( :( As I have already applied whipped cream, I "transformed" it to a 2-layered cake. Hmm...

    2) I read the amount of ingredients correctly from your recipe but copied wrongly on paper. Measured (unknowingly) 40g black glutinous flour and 40g plain flour respectively. Only realised that when I see it now as I am typing my comment.

    So how is the end product, you may ask. It is simply amazing: Very nice and delicious, soft and not v sweet! I ate three slices within a day. Hehe.

    Lastly, thanks for the recipe!!

  13. Homegirl,
    You made me laugh when I read your 2nd point, I'm sure the texture is the same, but I guess the colour of your swissroll will be darker.

    And glad to know that you like the cake and thanks again for willing to share with me. Don't give up on trying the swissroll, frankly speaking, my swissroll is not perfect too. If you notice carefully on my second picture, it broke some part in the middle ... heheheh ...

  14. Hi DG,

    Heh, I have to scrutinise the 2nd photo (macham like spot the difference game) to see which one broke in middle. Not really noticeable.

    It will take some time again before I dare to challenge swiss roll again.

  15. Homegirl,
    Hahahaa .... is it just like the way you find 5 different spot in the 2 same pictures :D
    Yeah !! Hope to hear more of your success baking stories.