Mini Croissant

This wonderful croissant recipe is shared by Christine's blog, and you cannot go wrong with it, as she provided us the fantastic step-by-step illustrations how to make it. :) So during the weekend, I baked half-of-recipe, and made around 16 mini croissants. I baked only half of it, and the other half, once final proof, put in the container and kept in the freezer. The croissants were still remain soft until the next day.

Other pictures:

Extra dough, I cut into small square cube, sprinkle or roll onto sugar before proofing. The final result was not bad, just like eating the sugar crackers.

The other half of croissant that kept earlier in the freezer can be used anytime. What I did is I took out from freezer and transferred it to the fridge one day in advance. Anytime, just half an hour before I baked, I took out from the fridge. Like the below sandwich croissants I baked it this morning, just nice for our family's breakfast. :)


  1. Very impressive, the croissants are neatly roll. Drooling over my keyboard already, I going to grab for tea. ;p

  2. Hi! DG,
    Yesterday I baked some croissant also, but is crispy type, I shaped them into big & small croissant also, will share later.

  3. They are lovely. I love croissants.

  4. DG, very nicely baked and they are making me hungry!

  5. Looks so good and pretty! I am getting hungry already ;DD

  6. Happy Flour,
    Thanks for the compliments :)

    I'm looking forward to see your crispy croissant.

    Thanks for visiting, I love croisants too.

    Fatmum & Anncoo,
    Thanks. Feel free to choose and get it from your computer screen. :D

  7. looks so pretty and yummy, I love eating it with spread of butter, yum yum!

  8. Thank you Jess@Bakericious :)

  9. Hi, DG!

    Thanks for sharing. My husband loves croissants and I would like to try this recipe. Unfortunately when I clicked on the link, it says 'access is denied'. Could you help me or email me the recipe, please? :D

    much gracias!