Mocca Swiss Roll

Looking at the beautifully baked Tiger Skin Swiss Roll by Anncoo, really encourage me to try on it. So during weekend, I made the chocolate ganache first, then the inside swiss roll, instead of using chocolate paste, I used mocca paste. The swiss roll is super soft, then I have to carefully remove it from the paper. Finally, I baked the tiger skin swiss roll ....... hahahaha .....there is no tiger skin after 12 min.
I don't know why, actually I can see some wavey on top skin, however, not too obvious. I guess maybe this is due to my oven ... not hot enough. I used 200 degree, I put in the middle rack, maybe next time I bake I will put on the top rack.

Since there is no tiger skin, then I need to rename it to Mocca Swiss Roll.


  1. Hi DG, although no tiger skin appear but the swiss roll stil looks very gd!

  2. I have always suspected your oven is not hot enough. Maybe you can jack up 20C like what I did for my old small oven.

  3. I like the two-tone in your swiss roll and it's so neatly cut.

  4. Hi DG,

    So sorry that you can't get the tiger skin, I also wonder why. I think like you've said adjust the temperature a little higher about 210C. Anyway your roll looks beautiful. (you can also add sugar instead of icing sugar too, will update this in my recipe)

  5. Hi Jess@Bakericious,
    Thank you for your encouraging words.

    Hi Wendyywy,
    Yes, you are the one always remind me :) Next time I will remember it.

    Hi Busygran,
    Thanks for visiting my blog and nice compliments.

    Hi Anncoo,
    Maybe the tiger too shy to show off his skin ... hahhahaha ... But I will definitely bake it again with higher temperature like you and Wendyywy suggested :)

  6. Hi Doris,

    Thanks for the advice. I will take note on the oven temperature when I try out this roll.

  7. Hi Happy Flour,

    Don't mention that, made me paiseh. You are the expert, I'm really looking forward to see yours :)

  8. I found your blog while I was googling for mocca paste, and this looks delicious. But...what *is* mocca paste?

  9. Hi Elizabeth,
    Thanks for dropping by :)

    Mocca paste is coffee essence in a concentrate form which contains brown colour in it, just like chocolate paste.