Oreo Chocolate Layer Cake

Oreo and chocolate are the food that my boys never get bored of. I made the combination of both again into their special cake this year :)

Chocolate sponge cake (I used this recipe)
300 gr Whipping cream
6 pcs Oreo cookies (without cream), grounded

Chocolate paste:
100 gr Dark Couverture Chocolate
50 gr Whipping cream

Oreo cookies, grounded for the decoration (optional)

- Chocolate paste : Using double boil method, melt whipping cream and couverture chocolate until incorporated, set aside to cool.
- Whisk the whipping cream until stiff.
- Oreo cream : take 1/3 whipping cream mix with grounded 6 pcs oreo biscuits until incorporated.
- Chocolate cream : mix the chocolate paste with 2/3 of whipping cream.

- Divide cake horizontally into 8 layers (Using one recipe, I baked into 4 cakes 6 inch and cut half layers for each cake)
- Spread alternate layer with Oreo or Chocolate cream. Finally cover the cake with chocolate cream. Sprinkle the grounded Oreo for decoration.


  1. DG, this cake definitely looks awesome...I liked to have a slice...I can imagine biting the bits of the oreo...

    1. Hahahaha Mimi, thanks for the nice comments, any cake sure delicious with oreo in it. :)

  2. Such a fantastic looking cake, and so chocolatey, love it!