Nori Meat Rolls

Source : IG @andjani_cen
Recipe : Yum Yum Magazine no. 76 with modification

Ingredients A
1/2 piece tofu skin, divided into 4 pieces
3-4 Nori sheet
6-8 Crab stick / small sausages
1 carrot, cut into 6 strips, blenched

Ingredients B : Ready-bought Fish paste
(if you want to make DIY fish paste see below **)

Ingredients C : Chicken Meat 
250 gr Chicken mince
White pepper
2 stalks spring onion, chopped

1. Line a piece of tofu skin on working surface
2. Spread all over the tofu skin with fish & chicken meat filling.
3. Place 1 pc Nori sheet on top
4. Spread all over nori with filling again
5. Arrange carrot and crab sticks on top filling
6. Roll-up
7. Heat up the steamer
8. Steam the nori meat roll for 15 mins in high heat. Let it cool.
9. Heat up oil for deep-frying, deep-fry nori meat rolls until golden brown. Dish and drain.
10. Cut into pieces and serve while hot with chilli sauce.

Ingredients BDIY Fish Paste ** (OPTIONAL)
500-600 gr fish meat (from 1 kg fresh Tenggiri fish) **
5-6gr / 1 tsp Salt
1 Egg White
10 gr/ 2 tsp corn flour/starch
5-6 pcs ice cube or 5-6 tbsp ice water
Pinch of white pepper
Sesame oil (optional)
DIY Fish paste method (see below video)
- Prepare fresh fish, deboned fish meat
- Use a tablespoon to scoop out all the fish meat from fish (make sure no bone left).
- Mixed the fish meat ( you could use hand, chopstick or food processor to do this), add salt and 1-2 ice cube or 1-2 tbsp ice water in the fish meat, keep stirring, mix well. Add more ice cube or ice water again, keep stirring become smoother.
- Add egg white, as you stir, add corn flour & pepper, keep stirring, you will see the fish paste become smoother and become glossier. Set aside.

Video credit to @andjani_cen

Notes :
- ** Not compulsory to use Tenggiri fish. 1 Kg Tenggiri fish, after deboned and scoped will yield approx.. 500-600gr fish meat.
- When about wrapping, please allow the tofu skin have bigger sheet than Nori sheet, so it will secure the roll while steaming..
-  If you are using DIY fish paste, you may add additional ingredients to your chicken meat as follows: 2,5gr (1/2 tsp ) Salt, 15gr ( 1/2 ) Egg-white, 5 gr (1 tsp ) corn flour /starch
- This steamed Nori Meat Rolls can be kept in the freezer for later use.

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