Oreo Chocolate Layer Cake

Oreo and chocolate are the food that my boys never get bored of. I made the combination of both again into their special cake this year :)

Chocolate sponge cake (I used this recipe)
300 gr Whipping cream
6 pcs Oreo cookies (without cream), grounded

Chocolate paste:
100 gr Dark Couverture Chocolate
50 gr Whipping cream

Oreo cookies, grounded for the decoration (optional)

- Chocolate paste : Using double boil method, melt whipping cream and couverture chocolate until incorporated, set aside to cool.
- Whisk the whipping cream until stiff.
- Oreo cream : take 1/3 whipping cream mix with grounded 6 pcs oreo biscuits until incorporated.
- Chocolate cream : mix the chocolate paste with 2/3 of whipping cream.

- Divide cake horizontally into 8 layers (Using one recipe, I baked into 4 cakes 6 inch and cut half layers for each cake)
- Spread alternate layer with Oreo or Chocolate cream. Finally cover the cake with chocolate cream. Sprinkle the grounded Oreo for decoration.