Choux Pastry with craquelin

Host : @anysuprianto

Recipe : Choux Book – Hannah Miles

Choux - Ingredients:
65 gr Plain Flour ( Used High Protein/Bread flour to get a firm result )
50 gr Butter, cut into cubes
75ml Milk + 75ml water or only 150 ml water ( I used water only )
1 tsp Caster sugar
a pinch of salt
2 Eggs ( approx. 100 gr)

1. Shift the flour twice to remove any lumps
2. Heat a butter in a saucepan with milk & water, sugar and salt until the butter is melted. As soon as butter is melted remove the pan from the heat (don't let it boil too long as the batter will turn out dry)
3. Quickly shoot the sifted flour in all at one go. Stir the mixture very hard with a wooden spoon or whisk until the dough forms a ball and no longer sticks to the sides of the pan. You may notice the dough seems wet, not to worry after few minutes the flour absorbs the water. Pour in to separate bowl to cool down +/- about 5 minutes.
4. Preheat the oven to 200C
5. Whisk the eggs in a separate bowl and beat a small amount at a time into the pastry using a wooden spoon or a balloon whisk, beat until well incorporated.
6. Pour in to the piping bag with the nozzle as preference.
7. Bake for 20-25 mins. 
** Don't try to open your oven door if your choux is not ready/golden brown or until the batter form
** Make sure bake in grease paper or normal baking paper/muffin tray grease with butter
Yield : 12 pcs

Cream Pastry with modification
1 egg yolk
12 gr corn flour
30 gr Caster sugar
a pinch of salt
125 ml milk
10 gr butter
1/2 tsp Vanilla extract 

100gr Whipping Cream
1. Whisk the eggs, sugar, salt and corn flour until thick and pale in colour.
2. Place the cream and the milk in a saucepan and bring to boil.
3. Pour small part of milk over the egg mixture, whisking all the time. Then pour the whole mixture back to the milk in a saucepan and whisk over a gentle heat until the mixture becomes thick and boiling. Keep out from heat, keep stirring. Wait for a few minutes, add in butter and vanilla. Stir until it well incorporated with the cream. While cooling, cover it with the plastic clingwrap to avoid the cream turn dry.
4. Whip the cream until stiff, then add in the cooling cream pastry, whip until incorporated.
5. Chill in the refrigerator until needed.
Note : Separate the cream pastry, and pipe it only when are ready to be served.


Craquelin - Recipe : Sonia-Nasi Lemak Lover

50 gr Butter
50 gr Brown sugar
60 gr All purpose Flour, sifted

- Beat butter and sugar till light and creamy, add in sifted flour, mix to combine.
- Keep the fridge to harden.
- Place dough in between two sheets, roll thinly
- Cut into small square and place on top of the choux pastry (see above picture)

Rainbow Legit and Lapis Surabaya

Thanks for Alice - ILove.ICook.IBake for the inspiration, please see her version here. :)
Here are my combination Lapis Legit and Lapis Surabaya Cake. 

Lapis Legit - Half recipe from what I normally baked

100 gr Butter
75 gr Margarine
1 tbsp Condense milk
1 tbsp Rum

12 Egg yolks
2 Egg white
85 gm. Caster sugar

25 gr Plain flour
5 gr Milk powder

Colouring (optional)

- Preheat 200C
- Cream butter till creamy and pale in colour. Add in condense milk and rum, mix well.
- Whisk ‘B’ until thick & double in volume, then add ‘A’, whisk until mix well.
- Fold in ‘C’, mix well using spatula.
- Prepare 8 inch (20x20cm) tray, lined at the bottom.
- Bake the first layer with top-bottom heat.
- Then bake the next layer until the last layer using top heat. Try to bake it each layer not more than 5 minutes or else, the cake will turn hard.
- Use back spoon to press lightly to flatten each layer while you mixed the batter into the tray.

Lapis Surabaya  -  recipe from NCC (Natural Cooking Club)

Ingredients : One  recipe : yields  2 layers
20 egg yolks
200 g sugar
250g butter, beat till soft and white
100g plain flour

- Beat egg yolks and sugar till ribbon stage. Off mixer
- Add in beaten butter and fold in using rubber spatula
- Fold in sifted flour, also using rubber spatula
- Divide batter into two, and pour on two 20cm square pan and bake in preheated oven of 180C for 25 minutes or till the tester skewer comes out clean
- Remove from oven, let cool for 5 minutes in the pan before transferring to cooling rack

Put the lapis legit cake in between two layers of Lapis Surabaya and spread with your favourite jam or buttercream. Cut the sides for presentation