Homemade Noodle aka Chicken Noodle

Recipe : @shirleyliem

*Noodle Ingredients
250 gr  High protein flour / Bread flour
1/4 tsp  Salt
95 ml   (1no egg + water) ## ( I used Spinach Phuay Leng )

## Other alternative :
For vegetarian, you may just omit the egg and replace with water.
For vegetable noodle, you may replace the total fluid amount to juice chye sym/juice carrot/juice spinach/juice tomato

Other sauce ingredients for Noodle:
3 Tbsp Sesame Oil
1 Tbsp Soya sauce 
1/8 tsp Salt

1 Mixed all the noodle ingredients, roll the dough using rolling pin until smooth and flat until approximate 25 cm long with the thickness +/- 0.2cm. Left part of the dough for cracker (optional)
2 Boil the water and add in the noodle, cook until it tender.
3 Put the cooked noodle to a big bowl with other sauce ingredients in it. Mix until well incorporated.
4 For cracker : Make as per preference and fried it until cook or golden colour.

*Chicken in Dark Sauce Ingredients:
250 gr  Chicken meat (sliced in cubes)
2 Tbsp Oil
2 cloves Garlic, minced
3 nos    Shallots, minced
1/4tsp pepper powder
1/4tsp salt
3 Tbsp Dark Soya sauce (kecap manis)

Stir fry garlic and shallots in hot oil until fragrant, add in chicken meat and pepper, cook until chicken change colour (white). Add in dark sauce, then salt, with low heat, cook until seasoning is absorbed and chicken is cooked. Ready to use.

*Soup Ingredients:
Chicken bones from 1 no. chicken
2 Tbsp Oil
2 cloves Garlic, bruised
1/4 tsp  Pepper powder
2 litre   Water (Boil) ( I only used 1 litre )

Stir fry garlic with hot oil until fragrant, add chicken bones. Cook until the chicken chicken change colour, add pepper, stir fry for a while, add boiling water and cook until the bones cook. Add salt for the taste.