Jelly Art Pudding

Host : @nyonyarecipe

Recipe : Niken Indriati

Tools :  Syringe with refill 10ml – 3 sets,  container – 1 pc

Ingredients A : **
- 15 gr Instant Jelly (Konyaku) - plain
- 10 Tbsp Sugar
- 700 ml Water
- 1 tsp Vanilla essence 

Ingredients B :
- 1 tsp Agar agar - plain
- 1 tsp Instant Jelly (Konyaku) - plain
- 600 ml Fresh milk
- 4 Tbsp Sugar

- Food colouring (yellow, pink and green ) or you can make them from fruits

Ingredients C : (OPTIONAL)
- additional Jelly made to cover the pudding base


Step 1
- Boil ingredients A until dissolve.
- Pour in to the container. Leave to cool and set.

Step 2
- Boil ingredients B until dissolve, divide according to the colour preferences colour
- ANTHER/FILAMENT : Firstly, make the filament in the middle of container using the syringe (normally in yellow, orange or chocolate colour)
- Fill the yellow agar2x by using the syringe suction, and inject in the middle, PRESS UP and DOWN method but make sure not touching the container (if not the colour will spill out)
- Once the filament done, now preparing with other colour of  syringe to make the flower petal.
- FLOWER PETAL: try to inject from the side way just beside the filament, method of injection PRESS and PULL to the SIDE WAY with imagination to make flower petal ( if making filament is UP and DOWN )
- LEAVES : once the flower petals are ready, now we are preparing for the leaves part, use the syringe fill with green, inject on the side way beside the flower petals, this time the injection in ZIG ZAG method (left right) slightly bigger from filament.

Step 3 (optional)
Boil ingredients C if you would like to make a base in different colour ( the reason to cover up the mess/hole that created earlier ). You may option to skip this method because it will merge in to the flower that had created earlier.

Step 4
- Let it set in the fridge
- Inverted from the container once it is completely cold.
- Ready to serve.


- ** I replaced ingredients A by using Redman - Konyaku premix jelly powder
- I made the Koi mini fish one day ahead and put in ingredients A 
- While you are preparing the arts pudding, all ready made ingredients B need to be soaked in the bigger bowl with hot water (au bain marie) or double boil to prevent the liquid to be hardern. If not, there will be a difficulty to use it later part or easily choked in the syringe.