Watermelon Steamcakes (Huat Kueh)

Source : IGer’s @stellakam76

Here is the recipe with modification:
2 Egg
200 gr Sugar
125 ml Sprite (or other carbonated drinks)
1 tsp Emulsifier (or sponge gel)
1 tsp Vanilla Extract
200 gr Plain Flour

Colouring : Red, Yellow and Green

- Prepare the steamer until hot
- Beat egg, sugar, sprite, sponge gel and vanilla using high speed until slightly thick, while beating slowly add flour, and beat until batter thick (around 15-20 mins for whole process)
- Pour the batter until 90% full in the cupcakes mould for the main colour (red or yellow), then pipe white batter in the small circle (see picture no.1), then pipe the green colour cover the whole circle (see below picture no. 2&3), final : with the help of tooth picks using green colouring to make the lines (see picture no.4).
- Place it on the steamer and steam with high fire for 15 minutes. (Do not open the lid during the steamed process).

Yields : 12 pcs

Notes :
- Make sure cover the steamer lid with the napkin cloth, just to prevent the water drip into the cake (see my previous post).
- Use new bottle of carbonated drinks (not the one that had opened before)

Here is the youtube link, I find it quite useful :

Almost Famous Amos Cookies

1 Large egg
1/2 tsp coffee oil / coffee emulco
1 tsp vanilla paste

250 gr Unsalted butter, softened
150 gr Dark brown sugar
100 gr Fine sugar
1/2 tsp salt

25 gr Instant oats, grind into powder
25 gr Ground almond
300 gr Self-raising Flour (I used Plain flour + 1 tsp BP + ½ tsp BS)
240 gr Hershey mini chocolate chips

- Make earlier (at least 2 hours or overnight in fridge) : Whisk egg with coffee oil and vanilla in a small bowl, cover and let it infuse.
- Whisk cream butter, sugar and salt in a large mixing bowl until light and fluffy.
- Add in egg mixture and beat in well. Beat in ground oats and almonds.
- Stir in chocolate chips.
- Lastly, sift the flour over the mixture and fold in till well incorporated.
- Chill the dough (min.15 mins, normally I will wrap individually the dough into 4 or 5 division) before use to firm it up slightly (this will reduce the cookie batter from spreading out too much)
- To bake : scoop 1 tsp of dough and roll into small ball. Place it onto a line baking sheet.
- Bake in preheated oven at 160 deg cel for 20 mins until crisp and golden brown.
- Cool the cookies on wire rack before storing in an air-tight container.

Yields : 100-120 small cookies

PS : I baked 1/3 into double choc, substitute the flour 10 gr to cocoa powder. I baked full recipe, mix everything, except choc chip & flour portion, then divided 2/3 and 1/3.