Ayam Kodok (Frog Chicken - Deboned and Stuffed Chicken)

Source : Endang JTT via @nirmawidi

•             1 whole Kampong Chicken
•             500 gr chicken mince from the deboned chicken meat
•             4 no steamed egg, remove shells
•             300 gr beef mince ( I change to prawn )
•             6 slices bread loaf ( I omit this )
•             200 ml fresh milk ( I omit this )
•             2 no eggs, lightly whisk

•             1-1/2 tsp pepper powder
•             1/2 nutmeg
•             8 cloves of garlic
•             8 cloves of shallot

Other seasoning:
•             2 tbsp light soya sauce
•             1 tbsp oyster sauce
•             1-1/2 tsp chicken powder
•             1/2 tsp salt

Glazing sauce when BBQ the chicken:
•             2 tbsp black sweet sauce (eg. kecap ABC)
•             1 tbsp light soya sauce
•             1 tbsp vegetable oil or melted margarine/butter

Brown sauce:
•             1 tbsp butter/margarine
•             1 no onion, finely dice
•             4 cloves garlic, finely dice
•             1-1/2 tsp black peppercorn
•             1/2 nutmeg, grind
•             1/4 tsp pepper powder
•             2 tsp oyster sauce
•             3 tbsp black sweet sauce
•             1-1/2 tbsp light soya sauce
•             1/2 tsp chicken powder
•             500 ml broth
•             2 tbsp corn flour, dilute with 2 tbsp water

Skin removed preparation

1. Place chicken on flat surface. Rub whole chicken with coarse salt. Rub until clean. Rinse under running water. Now chicken texture will be rough and shiny.
2. Prepare pairing knife or any small sharp knife. Now we will remove the skin from the whole chicken.
3. Start removing skin from bottom opening of the chicken ( the chicken buttock)  Note: do not tear the skin. Handle with extreme care slow and steady. Now you can insert your fingers in between the skin and flesh.
4. Carefully remove the tissues underneath the skin. If knife is difficult for you, use scissors.
5. Remove skin from 2 directions. Option A: top “chicken buttock” opening . Option B: Bottom “chicken buttock” opening. This step enhance your fingers reaching middle.  Do the same for thighs slightly cut the thigh joint so it doesn’t “clip on” but not detaching from the whole chicken. Lift the thigh skin up. Pull up thigh skin so you can Insert your fingers in until you touch the joint end. Cut the thigh flesh which is close to the joint end. Use chopper or hammer to break it ( I choose stone pestle)
6. Now the skin shouldn’t be attached to flesh at all.
7. Lay the skin flat now.
8. Now stitch whole chicken skin up to make a sack. Note: stitch it tightly. Leave the “neck area” opening for fillings insert later part.
9. DONE! Cover the skin to prevent dehydration. 

Here is the video link that I found out quite useful on how to deboned chicken skin

Remove the chicken meat from the bones, and will be collected about 500 grams of meat. Minced meat with a sharp knife and insert into a food processor and process until blended
Soak bread in milk, knead until the bread is soften. Add milk / water if the bread is not soggy. Set aside

Prepare a bowl, put chopped chicken meat, minced beef, scrambled eggs, spices and bread. Stir well. Add the soy sauce, oyster sauce, broth and salt , mix well. Try it (by cooking a tbsp. of it), if less salty, soy sauce added to it.

Fill in the filling batter to the chicken skin:

Lay the chicken skin flat on the chopping board, make sure the skin is nicely laid (pic. 10). Enter half the filling batter by piping into the skin of the chicken, press and push so it become fully filled and firm. Insert two hard-boiled eggs in the left and right sides of chicken (pic. 12), reinsert the remaining filling up to the thigh and chicken breast section, make sure it fully filled-up. Insert another 2 hard-boiled eggs in the bottom part, left and right.

Press and push the filling batter until fully filled. Compress the filling batter and pull the skin to close, using a sewing needle and thread to seal.  Turn the chicken, get it  shaped.

Put the chicken in the pan steamer, steam over medium heat for 35-45menit or until chicken is cooked

Too long steaming chicken will make the skin becomes broken and damaged.

Check the water used to steam the chicken, take as much as 500 ml from the remaining boiled water (pic.15). It is part of water dripping from the chicken broth, we'll use to make brown sauce.
Brush the chicken with glacing sauce, spread thoroughly to the chicken surface with a brush, flatten to cover the entire surface of the chicken (pic. 16) Bake the chicken in the oven with a temperature of 170C for 15 minutes or until the surface of the chicken becomes golden brown and looks shiny. Remove the chicken, spread again with the glazing sauce once again and bake for 5 minutes. Remove the chicken, transfer to a serving dish. 

Brown Sauce Method :
Heat margarine in the saucepan until melted and hot, saute the onions and garlic until fragrant and browned. Pour the rest of steaming chicken broth 500 ml, and cook until boiling.
Enter the soy sauce, oyster sauce, soy sauce, black pepper, bouillon powder and pepper powder. Stir well. Pour the cornstarch solution to it. Stir until thickened solution, taste great, lift.

Dish presentation
Cut chicken lengthwise from the middle of the neck to the back end. Thinly slice each piece so that the egg can be nicely sliced as well. Place on a serving plate and pour the brown sauce