Spongy Chocolate Sponge Cake

Just want to share on the chocolate sponge cake that I recently used for my last baking on Oreo Cheese Chocolate Layer Cake and Cake Pops. I like the cake, cause it soft, fluffy & have spongy texture. You may also see Nasi Lemak Lover and Kitchen Corner on their sharing for this cake :)

I am submitting Aspiring bakers #7 – Chocolate Delight (May 2011)

Source: FoodHouse8 via Everything4Sweets

32 gr Vegetable Oil
21 gr Cocoa powder

203 gr Whole eggs
32 gr Egg yolks
135 gr Caster sugar
1 gr Salt
21 gr Glucose
106 gr Cake flour (I substituted 10 gr cocoa powder to get darker cake)
1 gr Baking soda
21 gr Milk

- Warm vegetable oil and mix in cocoa powder until well mixed and dissolved.
- Preheat oven to 180C
- In a large mixing bowl, beat whole eggs, egg yolk, caster sugar and salt and beat on high speed until foamy and about doubled in volume.
- Add in glucose and continue beat on medium speed until ribbon stage.
- Sift flour and baking soda over beaten egg mixture. Mix in flour on low speed for 3 seconds just to combine most of the flour. Fold in any remaining traces of flour with rubber spatula.
- Take 1/3 of the batter and add it into the cocoa powder-vegetable oil mixture to lighten the mixture, mix well. Pour in the chocolate mixture to the remaining batter, together with the milk and fold until well incorporated.
- Pour in a 9” round pan and bake for 35 minutes or until cook.

Here is the tutorial video:


  1. I used this recipe for my daughter's birthday cake which is covered in fondant. It stays up nicely and indeed a very trusting recipe. I think I views the video (rewind / pause) at least 20 times, lol!

  2. Honey Bee,
    Agree with you. Great recipe with easy tutorial to follow from the video. Thanks for sharing your idea covered with fondant. :)

  3. thanks for sharing! looks like a good trusty recipe to use for all cakes which requires a chocolate sponge :)

  4. I bookmark this quite a while, but always forget to get glucose. Looks really soft!

  5. I tried this recipe too~ without the glucose it's also super spongy! Yours look very nice and smooth!! =)

  6. I always use this recipe whenever I want to bake a chocolate sponge cake, as you mentioned, it's so spongy ^_^

  7. nothing but a reliable chocolate sponge cake to fall back upon for those birthday cakes! thanks so much for sharing this!

  8. A good chocolate sponge is always an asset. Thanks for sharing!

  9. DG, Thanks for sharing this recipe. I must keep this in my file list when I want to make chocolate sponge cake next time :)

  10. Hmm.. I could smell the taste of it.. Looks so moist and Fluffy ..

    Following U :)

    Do visit me as time permits

  11. i love sponge cake and i love chocolate too
    time to bake this! :P
    thks for sharing :)

  12. Banana and chocolate is a great combo. No doubt this cake taste delicious. Thanks for posting the video, makes it easier for amateur baker like me:D

  13. Hi, i am a novice towards baking. i tried the recipe but couldnt get the effect as seen in the picture. My centre seems to rise more than the side, any reason?

    BTw, the video is having the same recipe as urs? coz my oil and milk proportion look very little compared to the video. Thanks for helping to ans my doubts. :D


  14. Hi Jeannie,
    Actually, this is quite common if the cake rose uneven with the higher in the middle, most important the texture. If you use the cake for creaming, then is not a problem, you may just slice-off the mountain :), sometimes, I’m doing that too :)

    You may prevent it from rise higher in the middle by :
    - preheat the oven at least 10 minutes before baking
    - once you’ve poured the batter in the plan, wobble the batter using spatulla slightly to the side, leave the centre part batter slightly lower, as the cake bakes the middle and edges will meet and rise more evenly.

    Referring to the recipe, I also copied directly from the source. If you click on the source “FoodHouse8”, it will link you to youtube, which provide the same recipe. I had checked with the video, you are right, the quantity in the video not the same. However, if you noticed carefully, it seems that the lady used were in double recipes, look at the eggs part, and when they finished pouring the batter, seems that the batter means for 2 baking pans. Hope that this will clarify your doubts. Happy Baking :)

  15. Hi, I baked this cake and it turn out to be quite dry n dense(esp towards the bottom). It's not that spongy & moist as seen on the video clip. I did follow the steps closely except when comes to "beating at medium speed until ribbon stage". Does ribbon stage means when u lift up the whisk, u are able to write the number "8" with the batter and it takes a while for the number to disappear? Hope to have your advise :)

  16. Hi Chilliqueen,
    I’m so sorry to hear that it turn out dry n dense. Yes, what you described on the ribbon stage is correct. Changing in lower or medium speed, is just to stabilize the air bubbles trapped in the batter, in other words it may make good volume & soft crumb in the cake. Over mix the flour with the batter may cause the cake hardly rise and dry. You may just beat a while, don’t worry if you still see some flour in it, cause you still need to mix with the chocolate batter. You may stop mixing once the mixture well incorporated and look shiny. Please try again and hope to hear from you soon. Happy Baking!

  17. hi, can i replace the glucose with cooking oligosaccharide if not, can i use melted sugar?


  18. if, missed out one more Qs.

    can use corn syrup ? if yes.. is the amt the same?


  19. Hi mmmyen,
    Sure you may replace glucose with corn syrup. Or you may check at http://www.joyofbaking.com/IngredientSubstitution.html
    Happy Baking :)

  20. Hi, kindly advice if 'milk' refers to milk power or fresh milk? Thanks.

  21. Hi Anon,
    I used Fresh Milk :)

  22. Though I don't understand what she's saying in the video, but thanks to the recipe that you've shared, I managed to know what she's putting in the cake. The way she prepared the cake looked so simple and not to mention the way she removed the cake from the cake pan... effortless. I wonder if I am able to get a sponge cake like this if I ever try out this recipe. Me and sponge cakes just can't get along well... have I been jinxed??? Huhuhuhuhu.....

  23. Hi MamaFami, Ya .... frankly speaking ... me too :) I don't dare to follow her effortless way to remove the cake from the pan hahahaha .... but you should try this out too that I believe you can do it as perfect as you other cakes. :D

  24. Hi may I know how much quantity of measurement did u use to make this cake? Did u multiply the original measurements or just as per given?

  25. Hi Rachelle84,
    Yes, I use the same recipe like above for my 8 inch round baking pan. However, you may use 1-1/2 recipe to bake for 8 inch square pan. Hope you enjoy the cake, happy baking!

  26. I would like to see measurements changed from g - spoons or cups of ingredients, who has glucose in their cupboard,not me

    1. Hi Anon,

      You may see measurement use the conversion link - http://allrecipes.com/howto/cup-to-gram-conversions/ . You may substitute glucose to corn syrup by using the same amount of gr, if really don't have, just skip it :)

  27. I did this twice but both weren't successful. The first time was underbaked which resulted in a super sticky bottom. And the second time, the oil and cocoa powder turned into a paste instead of a satin-smooth mixture! And incidentally both times the cocoa powder wasn't mixed in well with the oil. It was cakey at the base of the pot.

    And I have to rush this for son's bday tmr!!!! Argh!!!! Can u help please?! Or is there a easier 9" chocolate cake recipe you can recommend? Planning to do frost with chocolate ganache. Weep.



  28. Hi TJ,

    So sorry to hear about your feedback for baking this cake. I guess the reason that you have a cakey base while you mix the cocoa powder with oil, due to fire too strong or you did the mixing on fire too long, made the mixture became cook. You may just stir it first before make warm (maybe 1 mins on the fire will do).

    You may try this chocolate cake (6 or 8 inch): http://testedandtasted.blogspot.sg/2012/04/chocolate-fudge-cake.html

    However, if you want to bake for 9 inch cake, you may go to the original link (using 4 eggs):

    I wish you will have a succesful birthday cake for your son tomorrow :) Happy Baking and hope you enjoy it :)

  29. Hi! Thank you so much for your quick reply!! Greatly appreciate! Guess in view of time I shall attempt aunty yogana's cake... Hope it will work this time else i would be a real 'dead duck'.

    And yes I think you are spot on! I did leave the oil and cocoa powder over the fire and hot stove. Should have removed pot from the heat. Sigh.

    Tx again!!

  30. Why I can't see the video ? Do I need to beat the eggs white and yolks separately?

    1. This is not my video, is the third party video, maybe they already terminated it. No, you don't need to separe the egg whites and egg yolks. You beat all together.