Opera Cake

Host & Recipe : @imeliciouz1085

Here I only made in half recipe, due to limited baking equipment. If you prefer original (full recipe) please email me.

Jaconde Biscuit (Almond Sponge Cake)

75 gr Egg whites
20 g granulated sugar
A pinch of cream of tartar

Almond Mixture:
100gr almond or hazelnut meal*
80 gr confectioner sugar (Original 110 gr)
37 gr all-purpose flour
125 gr Eggs
20 gr unsalted butter, melted

- Prepare 2 pans of 22x30cm (9x12 inch) grease or cover with greased baking paper
- Combine sugar with the eggs and beat on high speed for about 5 minutes until thick and fluffy then fold almond meal, all purpose flour until well combined, then fold the melted butter. Set aside.
- Beat egg whites along until frothy then add cream of tartar beat on high speed, adding remaining sugar gradually and whip until stiff peak is achieved.
- Gently, fold one-third of the meringue into the almond mixture in 3 addition and mix until just combined. Spread the batter evenly into each baking tray.
- Bake the sponges in 200ºC preheated oven for about 7-10 minutes. Once cool, set aside (Joconde biscuit can be kept a couple of days at room temperature, refrigerated a week or frozen for weeks; rolled into parchment and wrapped).
- Each pan, cut into 2 pieces, and one recipe yield 4 layers of 22x15 cm

Coffee Buttercream (Crème Anglaise Style)

100ml full cream milk

40 gr Egg yolks
50 gr castor sugar

7gr of instant coffee dissolved in 10ml of hot water

120 gr unsalted butter, at room temp

- Bring milk to boil, set aside. Beat egg yolks and sugar to blend, add milk and whisk milk gradually into the yolk mixture whisking constantly.
- Return custard to the stove, gently heat the mixture to just below the boiling point 85ºC or until small bubbles appear in sides it will thicken. Do not boil or the eggs will curdle.
- Immediately remove from the heat and transfer to a mixer bowl. Beat the crème Anglaise with the instant coffee on high speed until has cooled to room temperature (or just let it cool itself).
- Add the softened butter and whip until creamy on high speed. Buttercream Can be kept refrigerated for a week or frozen for up to 3 months.

Chocolate Coating for Chablon

20g dark chocolate compound
2ml oil (I used butter)

- Melt chocolate and oil and spread evenly on the bottom of one sponge cake and chill to set.

Coffee Syrup

130 ml hot water
40 gr granulated sugar
10 gr  instant coffee

- Bring all ingredients to boil and let cool to room temp before using.

Chocolate Glaze

100g liquid whip cream
150 gr dark cooking chocolate compound or couverture
50 light corn syrup
1 tbsp vegetable oil

- Warm the whip cream, put the chocolate in the bowl and gently stir it.
- Add corn syrup and oil, stir until well combined. Set aside

Opera Cake Assembly

- For the chablon, using a flat spatula, coat the surface of one sponge with the melted chocolate (for the bottom). Cover immediately with parchment in contact and flip over; chocolate side down and refrigerate to set.
- Remove from the fridge and brush generously with the coffee syrup (each layer of sponge must be well soaked in coffee syrup; that’s one of the main characteristic of the opéra cake).
- Carefully, spread the coffee buttercream over the surface of the first sponge, then chocolate glaze, continue to do the same until the last layers.
- Every layers should be : jaconde bicuits, coffee buttercream, chocolate glaze
- Place cake the refrigerator overnight (do not freeze before glazing or condensation will appear on the surface which will damage the chocolate glaze and its effect)

- Spread chocolate glaze over the cake from left to right in a slow but regular motion. Immediately even the surface of the cake with a large offset spatula lightly moving back and forth twice. Refrigerate opéra cake until top is set; min. two hour before trimming off sides and serve. To make cuts look sharper bring a pitcher of hot water, dip the blade in between cuts, and wipe with a towel.