Klepon or Ondeh Ondeh

Ingredients :130g yellow sweet potato (steam & mash it)
65g glutinous rice flour
1 tbsp pandan juice or pinch of pandan paste
60ml water (approximate)

Filling :50g gula melaka (chopped)

Steamed (around 10 minutes) :Grated Coconut
Pinch of salt

Method :- Mix sweet potato, flour with water bit by bit until it form soft dough.
- Add pandan juice, can add pinch of pandan paste for the green colour.
- Form ball @ 10g each, put gula melaka inside
- Cook the the glutinous ball into the hot boiling water.
- Scoop out the glutinous balls once it float up and drain away the water.
- Roll them on the steamed grated coconut and serve.

Yields : 24 pcs


  1. Yummy!
    mau donk cobain nanti yah kalo saya kesana hehehe

  2. Silahkan, tinggal sebut aje mau dimasakin apa. :)