Sponge Cake with Cheese

I had seen so many success stories of Baking Mum's spongecake, finally I tried the recipe last week. Unfortunately, my sponge cake turned up only halfly success (as you can see from below picture). I suspected maybe when I stirred the melted butter too fast, resulted there was a layer of wet part, just like rubber. However, the upper part of the cake was quite okay with the soft and spongy texture. Therefore, I combined it to mini cakes ... :) then decorated with freshcream finally ... sprinkled grated cheddar cheese and chocolate.


  1. I have problem with sponge cakes too. Now I use a chiffon cake base and it works better for me.

  2. Hi Blessed Homemaker,

    Yes, this is another good idea. Thanks for sharing this. :)

  3. Oh, I don't think it's due to ur stirring the butter thingy. If u've stirred the butter in too fast or too vigourously, then the whole cake will be deflated.
    Sometimes, when my sponge is underbaked, it has a dense base too. Or if an ovenette is used, where the heating goes on and off, this can happen too to sponge cakes(as told my my children's nanny who's a very good baker). Or the batter was left too long unbaked, this happens too. Emulsified sponge cakes are rather foolproof, so I guess the chances here is that u've underbaked this sponge. Try it again.

  4. Hi again,
    After browsing thru ur blog, I found that the base of of ur cakes are rather pale compared to the top of ur cakes. The colour is not even. If u're using a top and bottom heating oven, I suspect ur bottom heat is not working well.
    If u're using a microwave cum convection oven, then the cake is not placed high enough for proper heat distribution.

    Just my 2 cents after browsing thru all ur bakes :)

  5. Hi Wendyywy,

    Thanks for sharing the tips :) I am currently using Tefal OV1000.

  6. Ic.. I saw the pic online, it looks like an ovenette.
    Try putting it on the lower rack rather than the middle, as I read in many sites. Sponges needs to be baked on the lower racks. I used to have something like this too, and the temperature is different from my current one. My current oven is digitally controlled and it cooks exactly as stated in recipes, the minutes and the temperature. Whereas when I was using my ovenette last time, I had to boost up the temperature especially for biscuits and sponges. And the baking time is definately longer by about 20-30%.
    I'm using a Microwave convection oven now (my MIL's 15 yr old oven), will be switching to a built in next yr when I move in my new house. :)

  7. Hi Wendyywy,

    Thanks for sharing all the techniques. I will try it, hopefully will bake as nice as yours :)