White Marble Cake

Got the white eggs left over from Kueh Lapis, then I made this. The original cake's name is Zebra Cake, however, I was too lazy and made the marble effect instead of zebra layers on this cake. Then I rename it to White Marble Cake ;D However, too bad, my chocolate chips sank down to the bottom. :C but the cake is very soft.

The tested recipe shared by Rina Rinso

I only baked half the recipe with the following:
200 cc egg whites
90g sugar
½ tsp sponge gel
100g butter, melted
80g plain flour (I used top flour)
20g maizena flour
1 tsp choco powder/choco paste/pandan paste/strawberry paste (I used choco paste)

- Preheat the oven to 180C
- Whisk the egg whites + SP, gradually add sugar and whisk till stiff form
- Fold the flours into the egg whitesAdd the melted butter until well combined
- Divide the batter into 2 separate bowl, one part put the chocolate paste and leave the other one plain
- Scoop of the mixture alternatively into baking tin, then use a wooden pick to create the marble effect
- Bake in a preheated oven for 20 -30 mins

Note : if you would like to make Zebra effect, then you can scoop 2 tbsp of each colour onto the center of the baking tin. Repeat the process till all the batter are used.

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