Strawberry Fruits Swiss Roll

4 Eggs
80g Sugar
80g Plain four
10g Milk powder
80g Butter, melted
1 tsp Strawberry essence (optional)

Fresh cream
Slices of Strawberry

- Preheat oven 200 degree.
- Whisk eggs and sugar until stiff.
- Add flour & milk powder, stir well, then melted butter mixed well until batter is shiny.
- Pour into tray (12”x12”x1”) and bake for 15-20 mins
- Leave to cool on a wire rack
- Spread cake with fresh cream and strawberry once it cool, then roll it with the help of the greaseproof paper.
- Refrigerate it before slicing the cake.


  1. Hi Doris,

    This is nicely roll up. Great work. :)

  2. Hi Happy Flour,

    Thanks for the encouragement. I still learning to be able to get the swiss roll skin attached. hehehee ...

  3. I tried making swiss roll once but failed. Rolled when cake is cool but the cake just cracked big time. Your swissroll looks great!

  4. Hi Blessed Homemaker,

    Thanks for the nice words. I noticed that if we want to bake cake for swiss roll, try not to bake it too long, around 10-20mins but use high temperature, so the cake won't be dry and easy to roll.