Blueberry Yogurt Butter Cake

I spotted fresh blueberry was being sold cheap last week. I excitedly bought a box, because I knew what I was going to do with them.:) I had bookmarked this recipe sometimes ago, you may check on Cook.Bake.Love. The cake is soft and moist, taste even nicer on the second day.

Other pictures :


  1. Hi DG, the cake looks yummy. I also bot a few punnet of blueberries n freezed them, wil bookmarked this recipe. Thanks for sharing :).

  2. Wow....beautiful moist and so fine texture. I love it. I have to bookmark this. Thanks very much for sharing.

  3. Wow, it is really look soft and moist, I would like to try it, I have some blueberry on my fridge, thank you for the recipe :)

  4. Nice-looking texture, soft and fine. I would love to fill it with more fruit. Yum!

  5. Hope u like this cake:) ur cake looks tall and nice.

  6. Jess@Bakericious, MaryMoh and Everything4sweets,
    Do try it, I'm sure you all will like it as much as I do. The sweetness is just right for me, I used 160g sugar.

    Oh, first time I heard that we can freezed the blueberries. Thanks for sharing this :) I definitely will try it when I saw cheap blueberries again :))

    Yes, you may fill it with whatever fruits you like too.

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe. We like the cakes. However, I just wish that my cake have the brown-skin like yours.

  7. hi DG..
    actually, saya selalu juga singgah ur blog! but today i must say hi!! hihihi.. salam kenal kembali ya... ur picas so nice too!

  8. Hi,
    May i ask how many mL milk in this recipe? thks

  9. Hi Hana,
    You've got a fabulous blog, and thanks for visiting my humble blog.

    Hi CheezyHeart,
    The recipe actually stated 1 cup of yogurt.
    However I used 1 tub yogurt + milk = 1 cup.
    I have checked on my cup measurement that 1 cup = 200ml
    Happy Baking!

  10. Thank you,
    Is clear to me now =p

  11. DG,

    the other when I used alum pan to bake this cake the skin color on top also looked pale what I did was to lower the temp to 160c when the edge get brown . I also off the lower fire and use upper fire to bake for the last few min until I get a nice brown top.

    btw the cup I used is 240ml.

    I tried to bake with one cup of yogurt. The cake turned out to be softer and more fluffy but somehow I prefer the version using yogurt and milk.

  12. Cook.Bake.Love,
    Thanks for the sharing on the baking tips.

    The cup that I have, shown that 1 cup = 200ml. I think should be alright, cause for the flour measurement I used the same cup, so not a problem, however for the sugar, I straight away measure into 160g like what you suggested, and add in 2 tsp lime juice.

  13. DG,

    u are welcome!

    I have not heard of 200ml cup measurement. US cup is 240ml whereas uk cup is 250ml. Just my suggestion, u may wanna double check ur measuring cup to get the right amount. :)

  14. Hi DG,
    Ur pic above cake looks so yummy tht i went to the supermkt this morning to buy the yogurt to bake this cake today. Sigh! Unfortunately my cake dun look like urs. My dd and i actually prefer a pale surface cake ( like urs )Hope u can give me some advice:
    1) i followed ur measuremt of 1 cup in this recipe ie 1 cup = 200ml
    2) 1 tub yogurt=?? + top up milk = 1 cup( 200ml )
    3) size of eggs ?? 2 oz = 60g@egg ???
    4) wht temperature n which level did u bake ur cake? I baked at 170C / middle rack in the oven
    5) wht is the size of the cake tin u used in the pic?


    ps With ur advice,I hope to try again this recipe to try to achieve the pretty cake in ur pic!My dd says she wants THAT nice pale cake surface is brown like in Cookbakelove

  15. Hi DG,
    Dunno wht hapened to my comment earlier so hope u dun mind, am submitting a 2nd one

    My dd n i really like ur pale surface n fine texture cake. I tried baking one but mine came out really brown on top n slightly crack surface like the cake in Cookbakelove. My dd wants me to bake one tht resembles urs! :)

    Can u please advise:
    1) i followed ur measurmt ie 1 cup = 200ml when measuring flour ( fill cup n level off )
    2) 1 tub yogurt =?? ml + top up with milk = 200ml
    ( i used 125g yogurt )
    3) Wht temperature n level in oven? I baked at 170C / middle rack
    4) Whts is measuremt of cake tin u used?


    Hope to receive ur advice, then try again this recipe!!

  16. Hi Lissa,

    Thanks for dropping by. Actually, I prefer the look of Cook.Bake.Love's cake, and I found my cake a bit pale. But this is up to individual preference. Maybe this is because of my oven heat, it seems all my baking sometimes turn up a bit pale (seems like underbake).

    Here are some answers to your queries:
    1. Yes ... as you see at
    My measurement shows 1 cup = 200ml
    2. What I did was I poured 1 tub the yogurt to the cup measurement and top up with milk until the level of 200ml (1 cup)
    3. I usually prefer big eggs, so it is apprx. 60-70gr per egg (without shell)
    4. My oven is table top oven (TEFAL OV1000) which have 4 racks inside. I baked on the second rack (count from the bottom part) at 180C for 5 mins, then switch to 170C (but if you have the tin bigger than mine, you can also lower the temperature to 160C). If you notice my cake also slightly crack on top. However, if you don't like it to be brown on top, after 40mins you can cover it with aluminium foil to prevent the top part get burn, then continue baking until it cook.
    5. If you live in SG, you can find the tin at Daiso. The measurement is 18(L)x8(W)x5(H)cm.

    Hope the above answers help. If you have further clarification, please do not hesitate to ask.
    I wish that I have DD, that I can enjoy the baking time together :) and sincere wish you success on your next baking.
    Happy Baking!

  17. Hi DG,
    Thks heaps for such a quick n detailed reply!:) The cake i baked yesterday tasted very nice. Love the buttery n moist texture. I will try baking again to try to achieve one tht looks like ur pic.