Stone Fruit Tea Cake

Lately you can see a lot variety of stone fruits in store (market or supermarket), I thought I shouldn’t delay any longer. Last week I bought white peach, plum and blueberry and decided to make Wendy's Stone Fruits Tea Cake, recipe for 8-inch & 9-inch pan. By looking at her cake, this is quite interesting cake, looks like a pie, but is not, appearance not like a cake, but it is :) I really like to see how the fruits squeeze in between the uneven surface of the cake.

I baked two times, here is my first cake. I made 8-inch recipe and just realized my shallow pan was 9-inch, so the dough is not enough to cover up the cake. The fruits I put : 2 peaches, 2 plums and 70g blueberries. The cake has a good taste, as you can feel the fruits added to the texture of the cakes, make it moist. However, I was not happy with the top part, and decided to make again. I freeze 2 peaches, 2 plums and some blueberries for the next baking.

So last Sunday, I planned to bake another one. I thawed the fruits from freezer to refrigerator one day in advance (this is my first time dealing with frozen fruits, I really thought it will the same thing just like thawing other frozen food). Without checking my de-frost fruits, I did my dough part first, and when ready to cut the fruits … It's a disaster .... Guess what ??? All the fruits became mushy. All gone ….. and worst ... no more fruits it my fridge :(
At the end, baked in 6” inch, cause I only have one pear and few blueberries (you can see some of them still in ice).
My second cake : looks good but not much fruit in it Hahahaha ……

Lesson learn today : Freeze fruits are used while still frozen.
Have you ever encounter this problem before?
or How do you usually dealing with the frozen fruits?
Please share …. Thanks. :)


  1. Looks good! I have not tried this yet. I think the fruits used are quite similar to the Fruit pastry cake. The last time when I baked the Fruit pastry cake, I used the frozen blueberries straight from freezer.

  2. First of all, I just wanted to say that the background pic of the sugar crystals are very nice :)

    I'm sorry to hear about your frozen fruit turning to mush. Most fruits, if they are not dried, don't freeze/thaw well. Reason is because of the water content in the fruit. When you freeze them, the water expands and becomes ice. When this expansion occurs, it breaks down the fibers and the structure of the fruit. That's why when it thaws, it breaks down to mush.

    The only times I have saved fruit in the freezer is when I'm gonna mash them up before use. Like bananas - great for saving very ripe bananas for adding to breads/muffins, but not if you want to eat it whole after thawing. The texture will just never be the same again.

    Did you throw away the mushy fruit? Could have made some nice smoothies with them....

  3. That's a lot of fruits there. Must be very delicious. Would be so good with a cup of tea. Thanks very much for sharing.

  4. oh yes, use them frozen, unless you plan to cook them into a puree.
    But then again, I hope you did not discard those mushy fruits.
    You can still make crumble out of it. Or cook it til it thickens and use it as a topping for cheesecake or some slices or bars.

    I'm glad you liked the cake.
    Haha, try again next year or when you get more fruits later :)

  5. Your first one is so full of fruit - fruity indeed!
    Juicy fruits once frozen will turn mushy when thawed because of the water content except durian. I freeze grapes or pineapple sometimes and pop it into my mouth frozen and then slowly suck the juice like an ice-lolly!

  6. Hi DG,
    Wow, you are ahead on this. I've been thinking about this one too but have not found suitable fruit.

  7. This cake sure looks fruitilicious good! Love the look of fluffy clouds for the top.

  8. Anncoo,
    I think you should try this one when you have a chance. I think this cake slightly different to famous fruit pastry cake (eventhough I've not baked yet). This cake is more like a kind of almond tart, the moisture come from the fruits penetrated the cake. While I see fruit pastry cake is more tendency to butter cake I guess, the moist maybe because of the yogurt which part of the ingredients.

  9. Jess@Bakericious,
    Thanks :)

    NEL & Wendyywy,
    Thanks for sharing the tips & ideas. Too bad I threw away the mushy fruits, I was so shocked when I first saw it, Oh Gosh, what happened to my fruits, and I started panic to find the substitutes to replace it hehehehe ...

    Yes, this cake taste good and perfectly served with a cup of tea, just like the name ;)

    Actually, I like the first one too, in term of plenty of fruits & taste more moist compare to the second one. When I have extra durian, I will freeze it, then eat it frozen, just like eating durian ice-cream. :)

  10. HomeKreation,
    I saw plenty stone fruits sold here, and hope will be the same to your side there. Hope you get more fruits soon, and looking forward to see your version.

    Jessie Hearty Bakes,
    Yes, same like you, I find the top part super interesting. I like the way you described it like "Fluffy clouds". And because of this look, then I baked it twice. :D

  11. Great attempts! I've bookmarked this recipe too but yet to try it.

    Like the others, I use the frozen berries straight from the freezer, no thawing needed.

  12. HI Doris,

    It look lovely! How does it taste? I must bake one for myself already. ;P

  13. I first seem this cake from Min's blog and at first sight I also got a feeling that the top of the cake look like clouds.

    I think this cake is very interesting, would like to give it a try. Urs look lovely.

    Regarding ur experience with frozen fruits, my colleauge ever encountered that too, then she checked with the shop where she bought the frozen blueberries and was told that frozen fruit is not suppose to thaw.

    The only fruit that I freeze before is bananna. I only thaw it slightly until I am able to mash it.

  14. Blessed Homemaker & Cook.Bake.Love,
    Thanks for the comments & sharing with me. This is good experience, at least I learn new thing again. :)

    Happy Flour,
    You should try since the stone fruits on season now. The more fruits the merrier I would suggest, so you can taste in between sweet and sour taste on your cake, and if you eat while it hot, you can feel it is slightly crunch on the top.

    Try on the fruits first whether sweet or sour. If they are already sweet, you do not even need to sprinkle any sugar on it ( I didn't sprinkle on mine).

  15. Hi DG,

    I think the first cake looks more like a fruity pie whereas the second cake looks more like a fruit cake. Both looks good to me. The second cake has quite a bit of blueberries, doesnt seem like a few, haha.

    Actually I like the second one better because the fruits wont overtake the focus of the cake =]