Cup Measurement

When I was informed by Cook.Love.Bake about there is slightly a difference on cup measurement issues in my recent baking post. I was lost. She used 240ml and I used 200ml for 1 Cup. OMG, How come?
I have not heard that actually there is different volume in Cup measurement, and I thought it should be the same, since it bought from the shop. I quickly checked on my cup measurement. Yes, it is 200ml.
So, how ??? Is this the wrong measurement cup?

Thanks to her :) and from Wikipedia, I learn that there are actually different kinds of cup measurement.
          - Metric Cup = 250 ml
          - US Cup = 240 ml
          - Imperial Cup = 284 ml
          - Japanese Cup = 200 ml

I think it should be no issue, if all the ingredients of a recipe is measured with the same cup, because it will give the same proportion volumes to one another.

So ….
Have you checked your cup measurement falls into which category? :)


  1. DG,

    Thanks for sharing. I didn't know that Japan cup = 200ml. You must have gotten this measuring cup from a Japanese store (my guess, Daiso?).

    Most of the recipes I collected are using US cup.

    I think you are right so long as all ingredients are measured using the same cup it should not be an issue. :-)

  2. Alamak, I thought only measuring spoons has a difference, now you mentioned on this I think I must check mine too. This is why I prefer to convert every ingredients to gram. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I try not to use cup measurements cos the recipe could be from US, UK or some other countries and their cup measurements are slightly different. I prefer to go by metric. So usually I would check the country of the recipe and convert accordingly.

  4. Cook.Bake.Love,
    You guess 100% correctly **clap clap** I bought the cup from Daiso.

    Actually, I also hardly want to try out recipe with cup measurements, I prefer in gram. This is my first time to try, and found the surprises on cup measurement. Lucky thing, Cook.Bake.Love recipe stated proper measurement all in cup, so the cake won't go wrong.

    Happy Flour,
    OMG, measuring spoons also got the differences. First time hear this! Next time must be extra careful when seeing new recipe. Must follow Busygran do homework to check the country of the recipe ;)

  5. I always go by 250ml per cup, and today I learn something new. Jap recipes are 200ml/cup.

    Thanks for highlighting this.

  6. Hi DG,

    I prefer to bake everything using grams and ml. Cup measurements are very troublesome. I dont have a set of measuring cup at home. Like busygran, I will check the country of origin of the recipe and convert the cup measurement to grams accordingly. Most recipes I referred to use the metric or US cup.


  7. I have the exact same measuring cup! And also realised that it was an unusual 'cup' after several dry cakes in the beginning. I promptly bought myself a more mainstream measuring cup :)

  8. After this incident, everytime I passed by shop, I will check on what measurement they sell. Even at OG, they sell 200ml/cup. Temporary, I will be more cautius if I bake in cup portion, and prefer in gram recipe. :)