Chocolate Dulce de Leche

It’s my turn now! Out of curiosity, I have to try it out myself .... :) First to know about Dulce de Leche (DDL with pronounce Dool-say De Leshay) from Wendyywy – Table for 2 or more ... I used “Milkmaid – Hi Calcium” and stick with the traditional simmering for 3 hours. There are other delicious recipes that you may try it out with DDL posted by our fellow bloggers : Happy Flour, Bakericious, Home Kreation, Quinn’s Baking Diary and Honey Bee Sweets or you may find more thru the net.

Biscuit base:
120 gr Plain flour
75 gr Butter
20 gr sugar

200 gr Dulce de Leche
100 gr Cashew nuts

Chocolate topping:
150 gr Cooking chocolate
100 gr Couverture Chocolate
15 gr Butter

- Preheat oven to 180C
- Biscuit base: Cream butter & sugar for a while, add plain flour, beat until the mixture is crumbly.
- Pour the mixture into the base of 30x10cm tin with non-sticking paper. Press it using back of the spoon until mixture smooth, then prick a few holes on the dough using fork.
- Bake at 20 minutes or till brown.
- Spread evenly Dulce de Leche over the biscuit base.
- Sprinkle the cashew nuts evenly over the Dulce de Leche, then press gently using back of the spoon, so the cashew nuts will mix into Dulce de Leche.
- Bake again for another 10 minutes.
- Chocolate topping : Using double boil method, melt the chocolate and butter.
- When the chocolate mixture has melted, remove from heat and stir until smooth. Pour over the baked Dulce de Leche filling.
- Let it cool, then set in to the fridge.

To prevent the chocolate being too hard, once the chocolate dulce de leche mixture cool, let it set into the fridge for about 15 minutes, then cut into square or bars then re-fridge again for storage.

Step-by-step pictures:

Want to know how is taste? 
It's your turn NOW to try out DDL .... Hahahaha ......


  1. Hahaha, DDL bug bit another blogger!!!

    It's nice to see a different recipe using DDL, everybody is doing different stuff with DDL!!!


  2. Soooo very magnetically tempting that I wished you were living next door! I have a weakness for such treats. Please, please I hope I won't be tempted to make it. Oh the calories!

  3. Wow...a dessert that will bring BIG smiles! I love it. Would be so good with a cup of tea...mmm

  4. DG, this chocolate ddl slice looks so gd and sinful as well :P I actually baked another DDL, a sinful chocolately brownie, as yummy as the slices u baked, will post up soon :)

  5. Very beautiful Dulce de Leche slices :) Yes I saw many blogger friends made this recently, already bookmarked and sure to make it one day.

  6. Hahahaha ... then all of us addicted to it :)

    Hahahaaha ... forget about calories first.
    Die Die Must try DDL

    Agree with you, a dessert that will bring a BIG smiles..... plus a THICK waistline too ;)

    Jess@Bakericious & Anncoo,
    Thanks. I'm looking forward to see your DDL post.

  7. wahhh gud idea la DG! my DDL tuh ada lagi leh try ur recipe! sure sedapp!

  8. Hana,
    Thanks, I can't wait to see your beautiful version. :)

  9. Pigpigscorner,
    Thanks for visiting my blog :)