Marble Cake

Don’t be fool by the picture :) This is not a doughnut, but this is actually just a normal cake, and baked on a doughnut tray. Because of the looks, my boys just couldn’t wait to grab and eat it while they were waiting for me to take this picture ….then I had to snap these photos as fast as I can :D

Recipe adapted from The Lovely Cakes

70 gr Flour
4 gr Baking powder
45 gr Unsalted butter
70 gr Sugar
40 gr Egg
1/4tsp Vanilla essence
70 gr Milk
5 gr Cocoa powder

- Preheat the oven to 180C
- Combine flour, baking powder and shift.
- Cream butter and sugar till smooth, add egg & vanilla essence, beat until combine.
- Fold in milk & flour, mix well.
- Divide the batter into 2 portions, add in cocoa powder into one part.
- Place 1 tsp pale batter onto the pan, and place 1tsp cocoa batter on it. Repeat the steps and use toothpick to swirl marble pattern.
- Bake for 20 minutes or until cook.


  1. This is so cute. I have the tray and love to try out your recipe too. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Nice alternative to present cakes into doughnuts. Love the marble effect.

    DG, as for your last comment left on my feather light cheese cake post, sharing with you my findings. Cheese cake baking time tends to be longer. If the middle part was wet & sticky, possible that it was underbaked. You can try it out again and extend the baking time and see if it helps :)

  3. Very lovely bake. I can't resist the cute looking donut cake not talking about kids.

    And guess what, I told u I also baked a bananas cake in ur previous banana chiffon post. Coincidently I also baked a marble cake on Sunday. haha. I think it's fate.

  4. DG, the cakes look so cute, I have this mould too, going to dig out and make use of it. Thanks for sharing :)

  5. Look cute and yummy too for an afternoon snack.

  6. What a novel way of doing a marble cake! Great for parties or takeaway!

  7. Very cute.
    They looked like tiger tail, curled up :)

  8. These are so cute!
    Now you've tempted me to get the doughnut baking pan too...

  9. Hi DG,
    May I know where did you get your pan from?
    Thanks so much for your reply


  10. Wen,
    Thanks for dropping by, and if possible share with me once you try it. :)

    Jessie Hearty Bakes,
    Thanks. Yes, I think I underbaked that and somemore I follow straight from the recipe, that remove the cake from the pan immediately, instead of let it cool in the oven. Thanks for willing sharing with us.

    Chik Mimy,
    Thank you for leaving your comment here :)

    Hihiihiii .... What a coincidence! Again ... then this call "Baking Fate" Hahahaha ...

    Jess @ Bakericious,
    Thanks. Yes, better use it, and looking forward to see your creation using this tray. :)

  11. Oh wow...these look so cute! I would grab a few and run and enjoy...haha. They really look like doughnut! I have those tins. I should try.

  12. Happyflour,
    Thanks. Actually by looking at your mini loaf pan, remind me of this tray, that's why try to made use of it :)

    Thank you for your lovely comments.

    Hahahaha .... your comment so cute, then I see again ... now look like snake curl to me :)

    Why not? You can make use of it to bake other recipes or as a mould for mousse, jelly or agar2x.

    I think most of the baking shop have it, I ever saw it sold at Sun Lik (opposite Raffles Hotel) or you may check here at

    Thanks, you should make use of the tin & bake this :)

  13. Very creative to use the doughnut mould to bake marble cake! I too have the mould but have yet tried it out, thanks for the lovely idea! ;)

  14. Honey Bee Sweets,
    Thanks for the lovely comments too :)

  15. May i know where you bought the doughnut baking tray. Thks.

  16. Hi Anonnymous,
    Most of the baking shop sell it, I ever saw it sold at Sun Lik (opposite Raffles Hotel) or you may check online

  17. Hi DG,
    Just baked these today. My dd loves it! Thanks for sharing.

  18. Hi Anonymous,
    Thanks for the feedback. Glad that your dd loves it :D