Assorted Mini Snowskin Mooncakes

Ingredients for skin:
75 gr Kao fen (fried glutinous rice flour)
75 gr Icing Sugar
30 gr Shortening
75 - 85 gr Cold drinking water
1/8 tsp Colour/Flavour paste (optional) **

- Sift kao fen and icing sugar together
- Add shortening by rubbing method until the mixture turns into crumb-like texture.
- Pour the cold water and mix till it form a soft dough (Do not ovemix)
- Cover the dough and let it rest for 10 mins.
- Divide dough into small portion according to the size of your mould.

With the mould dia 4.6cm, I use 20 gr for skin and 25 gr for filling.
The above skin recipe yields around 12-13 pcs.

** Colour or flavour paste can be diluted with cold drinking water before pour into the flour.

Pandan flavour snowskin with pandan lotus paste.

Oreo filling paste, recipe adapted from here

Chocolate Paste Filling, recipe adapted from here

Mango flavour snowskin with lotus paste.


  1. I like the marble effect on the mooncake. Very nicely done.

  2. DG, the snowskin mooncakes are nicely made, I especially like the 2 tone colors :).

  3. A box of your assorted flavoured snowskin mooncakes would cost a sum if it's bought from confectionary shops. It's better to have such homemade mooncakes - Taste, quality and most important, the cleanliness/hygiene when making them are not compromised.

  4. You're also in mooncakes making fever! Tempting... ;p

  5. These are very colorful. Next year I must try the chocolate paste filling, looks good :)

  6. So colorful and well made snow skin mooncakes! I gave up making bing pi mooncakes this year. :P Thanks for sharing this DG.

  7. cantik2nyer DG.. i pernah makan sekali jer.. itu pun sebab mengidam. hihihihi...

  8. Wen & Jess,
    Thank you for the lovely comments. Actually, it was last minute decision to the marble looks for the chocolate mooncakes skin, as I found out if I put one colour, then it will be totally dark & awful looking. Lucky I still have some white skin left :)

    Agree with you. Somemore homemade mooncakes are made with better ingredients and so much cheaper.

    You bring us 'the mooncakes making fever' virus ... LOL

    Thanks, this chocolate paste filling is quite popular among the kids.

    Honey Bee Sweets,
    Thank you. You can give a try next year :)

    Terima Kasih. Boleh coba bikin sendiri, ngga susah lah :)

  9. Oh... how I wish I saw the oreo filling mooncake earlier, I wanna EAT...

  10. Neyeeloh,
    Sure, please help yourself :)