Feather Light Cheese Cake

Actually this is my second attempt on trying this recipe, where as the first time I baked (long time ago) totally FAIL, the cake cannot be consumed at all – to dense and wet, only the side part alright. Recently, after seeing Jessie and Wendyywy’s cheesecakes, I was encouraged by them to bake it again. You may also see Wen's too. From the past experience, so for this time I reduced the amount of milk and sugar. Although I still cannot get the cake texture as feather light as theirs, but quite satisfied with the end result :) The sweetness is just right for my liking and the cake texture is light, super soft and easily melt-in-your-mouth.

Recipe adapted from Alex Goh - Fantastic Cheesecake

250 gr Milk (I used 230 gr)
20 gr Butter

125 gr Cream Cheese

50 gr Flour (I used Cake flour)

3 Egg yolks
1 tsp Vanilla Essence

3 Egg whites
1/8 tsp Cream of tartar
80 gr Sugar (I used 60 gr)

1 tsp chocolate paste

- Preheat oven 160C
- Cook A until boils.
- Cream B until smooth.
- Pour A into B and mix until well blended.
- Add C and mix until well combined. Place it over double-boiler. Mix until thickens. Remove.
- Add D and mix until well blended.
- Whisk E until soft peak.
- Take 1/3 of egg whites batter to the cheese mixture, mix well.
- Then partially pour the cheese mixture to the remaining egg whites, mix until well combined.
- Mix 100 gr of the mixture with chocolate paste.
- Pour into 10x30x4cm pan or 7” pan, wrapped with aluminum foil. Then drip in choc mixture on top and swirl to make marble effect.
- Bake in water bath for 50-60 minutes (I baked for 70 mins) or golden brown.
- Leave cake in oven with oven switch off and leave door open jar to cool
- Remove cake when cooled.


  1. hi DG.. saya pikir esok saya nak buat la kek nih.. untuk jamuan hari raya. teruja tengok ramai telah mencuba.

  2. Well done! Very nice texture and the swirl effect is very nice too.

    I think this weekend I must die die make the cake.

  3. Pretty swirls and soft cheese cake! :)

  4. Looks nice la....
    Yours look just as good as mine.
    Actually I think even better, cos mine is so wet and so fragile, the 2 pieces I showed were the nicest 2. The rest cannot show, too ugly oredi.

  5. Look tempting.....drooling..... :)

  6. Hana,
    Boleh dicobalah kek ini? Tapi lebih hati-hati dalam mengaduk untuk step "Add C and mix until well combined. Place it over double-boiler. Mix until thickens." Pastikan kalo adonan bener-bener kental (make sure the batter is really thickens before add-in D).
    Selamat mencoba :)

  7. Cook.Bake.Love,
    Thanks. Oh great! Looking forward to see your beautiful version. Like I told Hana, make sure the batter is really thickens before add-in D (see the step ""Add C and mix until well combined. Place it over double-boiler. Mix until thickens.") As I found in my previous attempt, this cake turned out wet & soggy.
    Happy Baking!

    Busygran, Happyflour and Everything4sweets,
    Thanks for all wonderful comments :)

    Thanks. I agree with you this cake really hard to handle, too fragile to cut, but too fast melt in the mouth hahahah ...

  8. Your cake looks light and fluffy!i never try this recipe because I personally felt the amount of water required look 'unnormal' ,i am afraid of failure :P

  9. Jess@Bakericious, Thanks :)

    You are the expert :), by just looking at the recipe, you already can found out the formula imbalances. No wonder I failed badly on my 1st attempt, that's why this time I make sure the cheese mixture really thicken before I added the egg yolks.

  10. Jumping in joy for your successful bake! The texture and swirl turned out really good!

  11. Really nice cake you made! One of the cake in my long list. HOpe can bake one like yours.

  12. Hearty Bakes,
    Thanks to you too for inspiring me to bake again upon seeing your beautiful cheesecake.

    Honey Boy,
    Thanks for the nice words. I believe you will bake it better than mine and hope to see yours soon :)

  13. Very light and nice cheesecake! Can I have a few slices? I'll provide the tea, heehee. :D

  14. Sure HoneyBee,
    I reserve the big slices for you :D

  15. May i know what kind of milk to use? whole, 1% or skim?

  16. Hi Yennie,

    You can use any kind of milk that you like. You can use whole, skim or UHT milk :)

  17. Your cheesecake looks great and beautiful.what is water bath?-newbie

  18. Hi Newbie,
    Thanks for the comments. :)

    Waterbath means double-boiled baking method, such as placing your baking pan inside the larger pan which fill-in with hot water (the height of the water could be 1-2cm). However, make sure to cover outside of your baking pan with aluminum foil before putting it to larger pan, this is to prevent the water leak to the baking pan.

    For easiest way or other alternative way:
    - put a pan of water in your oven under the rack of your baking tray rack OR
    - put a paper cup/small round tray fill-in with water in your oven next to your baking tray

    Baking in waterbath, to keep the cheesecake moist & prevent cracking.

    Hope this may help.

  19. Dear DG,
    Thank you for your time to reply and explain clearly.I learnt about waterbath that is so interesting!Thank you once again.Have a nice day.-Newbie