CNY Green Pea Cookies

Eating these cookies are simply yummy compare to just the original green peas. This time, I bought ready pack grinded green peas from Sun Lik, so much easier compare to the first time I made this, which I grinded it myself.

By using the same recipe, they still have similarity in taste. However, the ready grinded package, yield more oily dough that made the cookies more weak in structure, crumbly and melt in the mouth texture.

The next batch I’m gonna make, I will increase the proportion of the flour.

Recipe adapted from "New Year Cookies" by Alan Ooi
130 gr fried green peas, grinded
150 gr plain flour
130 gr icing sugar (I reduced to 90 gr)
1/4 tsp salt
100 gr oil

- Preheat oven to 170C
- Place all the ingredients, except oil into a mixing bowl, mix well.
- Add oil and combine to form dough.
- Roll dough into thin sheets and cut out cookies.
- Bake for about 15 - 20 mins or till cooked.
- Cool completely before storing

I am submitting these cookies to Aspiring Bakers #3: My Favourite CNY Cookie (Jan 2011), hosted by J3ss Kitch3n.


  1. wow the color is really pretty! i love anything green! hehe thanks Doris for participating!

  2. This green pea cookies seem to be very popular since last year. I have yet to try and by looking at yours, I feel like making some too.

  3. Ur tablecloth is so CNY.
    I love the colour.
    And your cookies too.

  4. Hi DG. Another year of CNY and I've been thinking about this cookies ever since I saw it in your blog last year! .....drooling badly...!

  5. waaa kiut banget! rasanya mesti sedap kan green peas tuh! wallahhh......

  6. I've yet to try green pea cookies. They look very tempting to me. I guess the store-bought peas were deep-fried before grinding, that's why the dough is oilier.

  7. The grinded green peas make the cookies look much greener and I like it better this way. Unfortunately I don't have time to visit Sun Lik these few days :( Anyway, your cookies look great!

  8. First time I hear of green pea cookies. How interesting :)

  9. Wow..these cookies look so healthy without colouring. I love it.

  10. it looks yummy! maybe i should give green peas a try (: (:

  11. This is nice. Yesterday my office got bazaar for CNY goodies and I happened to try this - very nice.

  12. amazing....lovely green...i only know how to add color green to your food is by using suji leaf and for the aroma i'm using pandan time i wanna test this recipe

  13. lovely green cookies! :) having cookies and my daily portion of veggies sounds like a great idea

  14. hi DG, i've also made some green pea cookies 2 days ago..yet to post it up and i think my results are also the same as what you mentioned in your cookies.

  15. Woah, I love the color! Thanks for sharing!

  16. the color of the cookie is very nice.

  17. I love this cookies, you can't stop once you have one. Every year I'll bake this for CNY but this year I'm taking a break, no CNY celebration (mourning). :(
    Happy baking! :)

  18. I hv yet to try this cookies, is green peas and green bean same? Saw PH selling green bean powder but dare not buy, not sure if that is the correct ingredient.

  19. Thank you all for your kind words 

    J3ss, Thanks to for hosting this month event :)

    Wen, You should try it when time allowed, these cookies are very addicted :)

    Wendyywy, Thank you. I love the colour of the tablecloth too … very soft colour and like you said have CNY mood.

    Hahahahah ….. have you found it in your place? If yes …. don’t wait any longer to bake this :)

    Thanks Hana.

    Busygran, actually the opposite around, but don’t know why after I mixed with the rest of ingredients, the cookies are oilier …. strange hor?

  20. You’re right, Blessed Homemaker. But I don’t know why the structure of the cookies are weaker than the first time I tried with own grinded. Maybe it because I take out the skin, while the grinded packet inclusive the skin.

    NEL, It has interesting flavour in the cookies too :)

    MaryMoh, thanks and this is suitable for vegetarian too :)

    The Sweetylicious, try it out, hope you like it as much as I do.

    Yummy Koh, hahahaha … you are lucky to have bazaar in your office .. so can try try … I also want!

  21. Meinekueche,
    Thanks for dropping by. Hahahah …. You will amaze with the taste too, it so delicious compare to just eat the nuts. Please let me know how it the outcome, hope you like it.

    Jean, thanks for your nice comments.

    Lena, looking forward to your post soon :)

    Jet, Thanks for your nice words.

    Jess, Thank you.

    Happy Flour, True, I just agree with you, these cookies are quite addicted. I’m so sorry to hear about your news. Take care.

    It’s not the same green peas to green bean. The colour of the green peas flour is also green, or you may optional to buy the green peas (ready packet available at any supermarket) and grinded yourself. I tried it last year.

  22. i dont think i have seen fried green peas around before.. Nevertheless, these cookies look amazing. i love the bright green colour, it will definitely stand out in that CNY cookie platter!

  23. Crustabakes,
    Thanks for your nice words :)

  24. You just made one of my fave CNY cookies!! Agree with Wendy, everything in the pics is SO CNY ... HAHA!

  25. Pei-Lin,
    Thanks. LOL ... cause I'm already in CNY mood liao :)

  26. Your flower-shaped pea cookies are such a lovely treat. They are very attractive being so bright in green.

  27. I love this green pea cookie! But I have too many cookies to bake this year, I went ahead and buy a tub of this instead. :P okay, gonna try your method and buy the green pea flour...sounds much easier! Thanks!

  28. I love this cookie but this year I didn't attempt it again. Now drooling on yours. :)