Homemade Passion Fruit Syrup

Passion fruit juice is one of my family favorite juice, so during CNY I will normally made homemade passion fruit syrup. This syrup drink has a refreshing aromatic flavour and it will also be the best alternate drinks to your guest :) I ever use this syrup for chiffon too, see here :)

1 kg Passion Fruit
100 ml water
400 gr sugar

- Halve passion fruits and scoop out the pulp.
- Place it to blender and blend for a second (be careful not over blend it, it will spoil the seed). Strain it, set aside this first passion fruit juice to use it later.
- Add water to the pulp strained, then blend for a second again. Strain it.
- Bring to the boil this second passion fruit juice to cook with the sugar. No need to stir, wait it boil and bubbling. Add the first strained juice and boil for a minute. (not too long, as not to spoil the fruit flavor)
- Switch off the fire. Let it cool, before pour into sterilized bottles.
- Keep the syrup in the fridge, it can last up to 2 months.

How to serve the passion fruit juice:
- Mix 3-4 tbsp passion fruit syrup with 200 ml water.
- Ready to serve.

Step-by-step pictures:

“Passion fruit is rich in carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins such as A, B and C and minerals such as iron, calcium and water. Not only this, the tangy fruit also has laxative properties and helps in the removal of uric acid. As per a latest research, passion fruit can help in lowering blood pressure and treating asthma.”
(Source : Buzzle.com)


  1. oh my Doris this look simply refreshing! i would love to have a cup now!

  2. I wish to get my hands on those passion fruits.
    I've never seen any fresh ones yet, except in organic stores and they sell for RM3/fruit
    crazy expensive.

  3. That looks really refreshing and a smart way to make syrup. Make life easy...passion fruit drink any time :D

  4. yumyum! i can smell spring with this thirst quenching drink :)

  5. Hahaha Jess, sure ... anytime just for you :)

    Oh really! So surprise to hear from you, most passion fruits in Singapore are imported from Malaysia. This year, I bought $3.50/kg.

    You're right! That's what I like about this syrup.

    Jean, Thank you :)

  6. Hey thanks for the recipe, great idea, used to have the Indonesian air markisa, this was great really fresh one. Nice blog you have here. Just follow you. do drop by mine - PATYSKITCHEN

  7. I took for granted that passion fruit can such a nutritional fruit. Nice to know all these knowledge from you.

  8. I like passion fruits as well, thks for sharing the great syrup recipe ^_^

  9. It is so interesting, is passion fruit sour or sweet? Hehe... I never try passion fruit before... Hehe.

  10. I am not sure if it is because I had not been attentive in the past but I thought passion fruits has become quite readily available recently. I bought some for a salad recipe last Christmas. Thanks for sharing this. Will definitely want to try this too...

  11. light and refreshing! at least this is much better to serve your guests other than the carbonated drinks, thanks for sharing this!

  12. Paty,
    Thanks for following & compliments. I was from Sumatra – Indonesia, and markisa is quite common there, and this syrup is quite famous souvenirs among tourists :)

    Your welcome, Zoe :)

    Thanks for the nice words.

    It depend, some may sweet but most have sour taste. It has exotic & fruity flavour :) You may even find it at NTUC too.

    Yup, actually you can easily find the syrup from a supermarket, however, when you compare commercial to homemade, the homemade always win. :)

    Thanks for your comments.

  13. I love passion fruit too, the fragrance and the delicious tangy taste, it goes well with many thing ^^.

  14. Cheers .. Dailydelicous :)
    Thanks for your comments.

  15. Thanks for sharing the recipe and info!!! I must go and look out in ntuc...hehe...

    Happy cny to u n family, DG... :)

  16. DG Wish you and your family a Happy Lunar New Year, Gong Xi Fa Cai!

  17. Hi DG interesting drink. I enjoyed this fruit juice, very few eating places do serve this, but i think the flavor is rather mild. But the actual fruit juice is very aromatic. I know the one I tried at Tunglok Restaurant by far still the best passion fruit juice drink I ever tried in town.