Steamed Black Sesame Sponge Cupcakes

I don’t want to miss NCC Bolkus Event, made these steamed sponge cupcakes (Bolu Kukus) early in the morning for the breakfast. As I’m looking for the recipe in small scale, search thru NCC then I found NCC’s Bolu Kukus 200. This is my first time making this, very glad with the result.

You may check out here for other fabulous steamed sponge cupcakes recipe.

Source : Bolu Kukus 200 – NCC

Here’s some modification recipe,
1 Egg
120 gr Cake flour
75 gr Caster Sugar
100 ml Sprite (or other carbonated drinks)
½ tsp Emulsifier (or sponge gel)

1 tsp Black sesame paste or other flavour

- Prepare the steamer until hot
- Beat egg, flour, sugar, sprite and sponge gel until thick.
- Take 1/3 portion of the batter, mixed with black sesame paste.
- Pour the batter until half in the cupcakes mould, then 1 tsp black batter, continue with 1 tsp white, and finally with 1 tsp black batter. Fill upto 90%.
- Place it on the steamer and steam with medium fire for 15 minutes. (Do not open the lid during the steamed process).

Here is the look when I covered my steamer lid with the napkin cloth, just to prevent the water drip into the cake.

................ Voila .................
Aren’t you happy to see those smiley sponge cupcakes?
Happy Baking for those want to try this :)


  1. ahh they're so adorable in the little mini cups! look like baby racoons to me :P

  2. Your cupcake patterns make me think of zebra :) I love this colour combination, looks very tempting!

  3. So Unique!


  4. The sponge cake look like Huat kueh. They are so spongy and fluffy.

  5. This is super pretty and can see it's super soft too!! Love the colour effect. Thanks for sharing!

  6. pretty looking cakes!
    with black sesame is really unique! :)

  7. These are sooooooo pretty!!!! I love the colours!

  8. So pretty! How did u make the top split so nicely? And u think it's ok to omit the emulsifier?

  9. very smiling looking cupcakes. every time i make this i always get botak ones, no smiling ones. don know what happen.

  10. Great smiling steamed cakes. It look so fluffy. I'm going to bookmark this recipe. Thanks for sharing. :)

  11. The steamed cupcakes are so cute and lovely ^_^

  12. black sesame fatt koh? it looks so pretty!!

  13. Hi, how did you make the cake "bloom" so beautifully?

  14. I've heard of NCC, it seems to have quite some good recipes! Your sponge cupcakes look very pretty!

  15. Sonia, Fatmum, HoneyBoy, Alice and Edith,
    Thank you for your nice comments.

    Jean and Min,
    Hahahaha .... when I heard of you said of the looks.
    Some even said remind it of panda when saw this.

    Thank you for dropping by and the comment.

    Something similar, but this more simple to prepare & make, compare to huat kueh mostly use yeast.

    Thanks. I saw some omit that and success too. As I have emulsifier at home, I lacked of confident to try without it. Most important beating the batter .... make sure it thick, not too runny (beat around 10-15 mins depend on the mixer)

  16. Delia and Anonymous,
    Thank you. Hope this below tricks may help:
    - Beating the batter until thick, not runny (hand mixer approx 10-15 mins for one recipe)
    - Don't fill the water to steamer too much.
    - Preheat your steamer until it really hot (make sure the water is boiling) , however, when you steam your cupcakes, use only medium fire. If too big, it will shrink.
    Hope you try this recipe, and let me know the outcome. :)
    Happy Baking!

    Yummy Bakes, J3ss Kitch3n, Neyeeloh and Lena,
    Thank you for your lovely comments.

    Happy Flour,
    Thank you and looking forward to see yours soon :)

    Cooking Gallery,
    Thank you. You right about NCC provide lots of recipes, and they are quite failproof recipes, cause mostly had been tried & heard success stories from the members.

  17. It huats and marbles so nicely... Using sprite in bakes is something new to me... :)

  18. this look so lovely! and is so cool to steam cupcake! the colour is so nice too (: yummy! (:

  19. Whoah i love the uniformed black and white patterns! =) lovely!!!

  20. Very beautiful sponge cupcakes. I bet they are very delicious too :)

  21. Hi DG. Miss you so much. Wow, love this looks and surely taste good too, can imagine the aroma of the black sesame.

  22. Nice recipe. Question, instead using Sprite can I just use plain carbonated water? Also Can I make it without the sponge gel? Thanks!

  23. Hi Jos, Thanks. I guess you can use plain carbonated water and another 10gr sugar to the recipe. I never try without sponge gel, cause I don't have the confident. However, traditionally this recipe should be without sponge gel, so you may try to make it without it, just make sure you beat the egg batter longer and the texture have to be thick.
    Happy Baking!