Prune Butter Cake

I never expected that I would win when I left message on "Thanks a million" from Sonia's post. As I was busy and almost neglected blogging, it's very kind of Sonia to remind me that I am one of the winners :) and this is my first time too to be a winner :D hahaha ..... 
I received the parcel early this month, however, only now get chance to share with all of you. Here is the picture of the precious gifts from her ..... Thanks again Sonia ... They are lovely & very special to me :)

I could not wait to try out from the recipes book, which have varieties recipes of bread, pastry puff, cakes and cheesecakes. I chose Prune butter cake because it was basic, easy and all time favourite cake. Indeed the cake turn out yummy except I don't know why there were some wet look on some part of the cake.

Source : Wendy Kor - A Profit-Making Bakery Shop

250 gr Butter
220 gr Superfine flour
2 gr Baking powder
180 gr Castor sugar
2 gr Salt ( I omitted this, cause I used Salted Butter )
240 gr Eggs ( 4 nos )

200 gr Prunes ( Here, I only used 100 gr )
20 gr Fresh milk

- Preheat oven to 180C
- Beat ingredients butter, flour & baking powder till creamy, add in sugar and salt and for another 5 minutes.
- Add in Eggs one at a time, beat until sugar is completely dissolved.
- Stir ingredients with prune and milk mixture, mix well. Transfer to greased 7" inch round tin.
- Bake for 40-50 minutes.


  1. the prune deco looks nice. you cut strips of it?

  2. You are so lucky to win the nice gifts! Is that a wooden mould above the book? So cute!

  3. Glad to know that you like these gifts from me. Thanks for sharing this recipe so I can try also as I don't own this book, hehehe..

  4. So yummy, I remember I baked this cake, when I'm teenage,using others recipe,so feel like want to bake this cake again..

  5. never tried baking prunes in cakes but have tasted one prune cheesecake before, taste special. Sure this is delicious!

  6. This "lucky" butter cake looks really lovely. Yum!

  7. your prune cake looks so beautiful! I'm just wondering - the prunes won't sink to the bottom when you put them on the top?

  8. Wendy,
    Thanks, I cut it strip since my prune quite big.

    Sure, the butter cake is nice, you may change to other fruit too :)

    Thanks, that is wooden mould for bangkit. I found it very cute too and unique. :)

    Thanks again for your kindness that I can share with the rest too :)

    Yummylittlecooks, Lena and Zoe,
    Thanks for all your lovely comments :)

    Thank you. The prunes for top part stayed, however, the one that I mixed with the batter, mostly dropped to the bottom :(

  9. the cake looks nice and yummy....^_^

  10. Frankly am not a fruit cake lover...but yours look really inviting :)

  11. Sherleen,
    Thanks for dropping by and your nice words.

    Thank you :)

  12. Hi Dg, was wondering if you could post some basic recipes such as sponge, chiffon, buttercakes from Wendy Kor's book... it would be great if you could... thank you

    1. Hi Kim, you may find Wendy Kor's recipe using google :) Hope this may help.