Sausage and Otah Buns

I tried to bake 65C bread/bun recipe shared by Fatmumbaking during weekend. So dissappointed with my results, which was not as soft or flubby as hers. I found it quite difficult handling the dough, very soft and sticky. Even I kept adding the flour, still cannot get the right texture. Anyway, above was my buns' result, it looks like Pao bun to me ... hahahahaaa I need to practice more.


  1. Hi DG, did u knead ur dough till a 'shiny' stage? It appear something similar to a prata dough u get to see at hawker stall. And did the dough double its size at 1st proofing? If not u may extend the time for proofing but not too long else the dough will have weird taste due to over ferment of yeast. To fasten the process of proofing, u may want to have a cup or 2 of hot water place in a enclose area with ur bowl of dough. Check out this site if u using hand to knead your dough.

    I didn;t do well in my 1st attempt of bread oso till I attended Richard class on cinnamon bun. Have fun making bread.

  2. Hi Fatmum,

    I was curious & tried to recall what I did on Sunday. Hahahaha .... then I realise, that I pour all the 1/2 recipe of 65C汤种 dough, it should be more than 84g right? No wonder very sticky. I will try again next weekend. Thanks for all the information that you share. :)

  3. DG, yap u r right. The half recipe for the wet dough is defintely more then the required amount as per recipe. (",)