Lapis Sagu


650g coconut milk
210g sugar
6-8 pcs pandan leaves

180g tapioca flour
50g rice flour

- Bring ingredients A to boil
- Pour into B and mixed well, then strain
- Take 50g, keep for the red colour for top layer, then divide the rest batter into 2 equal parts for colouring (or it depend on how many colours you prefer)
- Heat up the steaming tray, pour 50g of white colour into the baking mould, steam for 5 minutes, then pour the next 50g on top of the white layer, then steam for 5 minutes (here what I did, made 2 layers for each colour)
- Repeat until the last layer, steam for 15 minutes
- Remove, leave to cool completely before cutting into pieces

Baking mould : Oval (8x4inch)
Yields : 14 layers

Notes :
- Try to use darker colour so you will have nice colour layers (as my green so light, therefore hardly see the separated layers)
- Wait until completely cool (at least 3 hrs) before cutting into pieces
- Use plastic to cover the knife to cut the lapis into pieces, then you will have beautiful cutting lapis
- Try wrap asap into plastic after cutting (as I found the lapis sagu was sticky)

This is how the look of the knife wrapped in the plastic bag. Just straight use it to slice the lapis sagu. (updated 01/09/2010)


  1. Hi DG!

    Your lapis looks wonderful and I have all the ingredients at hand.

    Can you kindly explain the below:
    - "Use plastic to cover the knife to cut the lapis into pieces". How do you do it?
    - Where / what type of plastic do you use to wrap the lapis?
    - Is the plastic for wrapping the knife the same plastic as you use to wrap the lapis?

    Lots thanks!

  2. Hi Hanushi,

    Thanks for dropping by. :)

    Refering to your question :
    1. The method of cutting is still the same, is just you need use a plastic to wrap out the knife, to prevent the lapis stick to your knife (from my experience). You can just use a piece of plastic (any plactic), put your knife-the sharp part in the middle of plastic, then cover up, then slice the lapis.
    You will be surprise with this plastic cutting method, it can just smoothly cutting the lapis.

    2. Any kind of plastic can do. I use normal small square plastic for the food.

    3. Yes, I afraid the lapis stick to each other if I never wrapped it. But remember, try to let the lapis completely cool, then is easier to cut.

    I hope I answer to your questions, if you still need further clarification, please do not hesitate to ask :)
    Please do share once you try this. Happy Baking!

  3. Hi DG,

    Is this plastic available at NTUC: normal small square plastic for the food? I ask this, because I am not sure what plastic is used.

    I am surprised to hear that after wrapping the plastic knife can still cut. Hehe. I am suagu and think it will be difficult to cut.

  4. Hi Hanushi,

    I have posted the picture of how the knife wrapped in the plastic bag. Hope this may help!
    Hope that you and your family enjoy this lapis :)

  5. Hi DG,

    I am very touched that you especially taking your time to take a photo to explain to me. Xie xie ni!

    Just to check with you, so did you use this plastic (as in the knife pic) to wrap the lapis? From what I see, the plastic are similar to those that when you buy baos from kopitiam. Am I right?

  6. Hi DG,

    Do you need to grease the pan before use?

    For the colouring, do you use liquid/powder colouring? Can powder colouring be used?

  7. Hanushi,
    Forgive me not to give you a better explanation. Hehehee ... It is the plastic bag similar to the one that you buy baos from kopitiam ;) You can use it for wrapping the lapis (just use single layer of plastic), however, if I not wrong I use different quality of plastic, such as ziploc (thicker & clear).

    Yes, you need to grease the pan with oil.
    For colouring, i usually use Wilton - Icing colours, but never try on liquid/powder colouring before. If you ever use it before on other baking, I think it should be okay.

  8. DG, I get it now clearer. Thank you very much. Hee hee. I'll try soon and update you with gd news hopefully.