Pandan Butter Cake

The original recipe from Aunty Yochana, which here I chose the one without ovallete and omitted the kaya. I never expected the cake a bit dense, maybe it's due to over folding, as I could still see lots of tiny lump flour in the final batter. Eventhough the cake a bit compact, but still nice to eat :)


  1. Nice blog :)
    I tried her recipe too(w/o ovalette and w/o kaya). I didn't even fold my flour in. Did everything with the mixer. The texture was like a nice butter cake, soft and fine crumbed.
    But the top of ur cake seems very green... not browned. Maybe ur cake is slightly underbaked? Try baking it longer and maybe the cake will rise better.

    I'll be trying out choux pastry now that durian season is out. Yours seems great.

  2. Hi Wendyywy,

    Thanks for visiting my blog and sharing the tips. :) Ya, I saw your pandan butter cake so nicely baked and pretty sure mine were underbaked hahahaa ....

    Looking forward to see your choux pastry :)