Green Peas Cookies

I guess everyone should know about these cookies, which are quite popular during CNY. I get to know this recipe from Blessed Homemaker. The making method is very simple and taste delicious too. I will definitely make this again for the next year CNY :)

Recipe adapted from "New Year Cookies" by Alan Ooi

130 gr fried green peas (skin removed), grinded
150 gr plain flour
90 gr icing sugar
1/4 tsp salt
100 gr oil

- Preheat oven to 170C
- Place all the ingredients, except oil into a mixing bowl, mix well.
- Add oil and combine to form dough.
- Roll dough into thin sheets and cut out cookies.
- Bake for about 15 - 20 mins or till cooked.
- Cool completely before storing.


  1. the cookies are very pretty and I like the green color :)

  2. Healthy cookies! Looks very delicious. Love the natural green colour.

  3. Hi DG, I've not tried this yet. Looks good, must be crispy.

  4. I love green peas. Bookmarked for my daughter who doesn't like to eat cooked peas but okay with cookies.

  5. ah... this is very nice to eat!!!
    I love this cookie

  6. I've seen this around many times and especially during the CNY period but have never gave it a shot.

    Looks really yummy!

  7. Jess, MaryMoh, and Wendyywy,
    Thanks for the nice comments.

    Do give a try, you will like this. It is crispy after taste and melts in the mouth.

    I'm sure your daughter will like this. :)

    Thanks, I missed baking it for this year CNY, and will be on my list for next year. Beside yummy, it is very addictive too, one pc sure not enough :)

  8. Hi DG. I love this cookies but not sure what peas you use. In KL they use peas flour which I cannot get in Miri.

  9. I heard about green peas flour, but never consider to buy it, as the recipe only needed small amount of it. I only bought normal green peas snacks from supermarket. I pounded it, to get rid of the skin, then blend it in a food processor.
    I hope you can find normal green peas snacks in your hometown, if cannot, then let me know, I send you one, so you can bake for your Hari Raya :)

  10. Thanks for trying out this recipe and I'm glad you like it :)

  11. Hi Blessed Homemaker,
    Thanks for sharing the recipe with us :)

  12. Thanks DG. Very nice of you to offer. I'm sure I can find green peas snacks in here but sounds like a lot of works. I only have these two days for baking before balik kampung.

  13. Your welcome HomeKreation. To make easier, I think most people just blended it with the skin intake. :)

  14. saya sdh membaca resep Doris Goh,resep Custard Cream Soes,tapi tdk dijelaskan susu yg di pakai cair atau bubuk,kemudian pake gula apa tidak.apa fresh creamnya sdh manis,sehingga tdk perlu pake gula?

  15. Hi Maryam,

    Yang dipakai di resep tsb adalah susu cair (bagusnya yang dingin ya).
    Terus, tidak pake gula, karena biasanya fresh cream khan udah sedikit manis, dan juga susu cair khan juga ada rasa manisnya. Tapi kalo kurang manis, boleh ditambahkan satu sendok teh tepung gula pas pengadukkan fresh cream.
    Selamat mencoba. :)