Chocolate Cranberries Oatmeal Cookies

These cookies are really delicious and I think they would be great in the Christmas cookies exchange too. Thanks to Honey Bee for sharing these tasty cookies. Surprisingly it really have the chewy texture, very easy to get addicted to eat and almost non-stop hahahaha ….. You may also check on Wendy’s version, where she added some mixed nuts. I replaced cherries with cranberries, but I’m not too sure why my cookies spread out so much compare to theirs.

I am submitting these cookies to Aspiring Bakers #2: Christmas! (Dec 2010) hosted by Jane of Passionate About Baking

227 gr Unsalted butter, room temperature
180 gr Caster sugar
200 gr Brown sugar
1.5 tsp Vanilla extract
2 Large eggs
225 gr all purpose flour
250 gr uncooked roll oats
1 tsp Baking powder
1 tsp Baking soda
3/4 tsp Salt
1 tsp Ground Cinnamon
150g Chocolate (70% cocoa), cut into small chunks (you can use chocolate chips)
100g Sweetened dried cherries (I used dried cranberries)

- In a large mixing bowl, beat the butter and both sugars till creamy. Add eggs, one at a time and beat well after each addition. Add vanilla extract and beat well again.
- Sift the flour, salt, baking power and baking soda and cinnamon. Add it to the egg mixture. Lastly add in the oats and stir well.
- If using chocolate chunks and cherries, add in the cookie batter and stir well. Chill dough for at least 2hours.
- Preheat oven to 180C. Place a sheet of parchment paper on baking pan and grease it.
- Take about 2 tbsp amount of cookie dough, roll round and place on baking pan. Make sure the cookie dough is placed about 3" apart from one another.
- Bake cookie for 13 to 15 minutes. Do not over bake the cookies, it is meant to be soft and chewy.
- Allow the baked cookies to cool on the rack before storing in air tight container.


  1. Glad you like the cookie DG. :) with the addition of cranberries sure makes it looks very festive. :) I think you can try chilling the dough before baking it to prevent it from spreading too much next time. Happy holidays!

  2. Love the red colour embedded within the cookies. Very Christmasy :D

  3. Scrumptious cookies ya! Simply loved them...feel like grabbing some now! :D

  4. these cookies looks great doris i heart your decorations!

  5. hey doris,

    I also want a piece of these cookies. Haven't tried using oats in my cookies yet.

    you can try freezing the shaped cookie dough for 10-15 minutes before baking. that will help prevent the cookies from spreading. I do that for all my cookies =]

    may you have a wonderful xmas ahead!

  6. nice looking (: is it buttery? coz my mum LOVE cranberries but she doesnt like buttery taste. so i thought of making it for her (: thank you! (:

  7. Though I don't fancy chewy cookies but yours definitely looks yummy and buttery!

  8. Hahaha, and I don't know why mine is so so "solid". I wish mine is like yours.
    Maybe it's due to the added nuts.

  9. Great idea for giving out as little gifts during Christmas ^_^

  10. A touch of Christmas and great cookies,full of goodness!

  11. Dg nak sedap tu merry xmas n happy new year

  12. I want to bookmark this for CNY. Sounds good and delicious.

  13. Chocolate and cranberries make great match!!! I love that combo! Gosh!

    I bet these cookies make lovely X'mas treats! Oatmeal adds loads of fiber!

  14. Honey Bee,
    Yes …. I follow the recipe, chilled for 2 hours before baking. No matter how it looks, it still taste really good! :)

    Of course, hope you will try it soon!

    I think the same way too, I think red or green is very suitable for this festive looks :)

    Sure …. help yourself if you will be able to grab from your screen hahahaha!

    J3ss Kitch3n,
    Thank you for the compliments.

    Zhou Yuan,
    Sure, please come … will serve you with a cup of tea too :) This is actually my first time trying out on oatmeal cookies, and it is just click on me. Start baking this weekend, your makan khakis sure will love it too. Thanks for the sharing your tips, I will take note when I bake cookies next time. Thanks again for the xmas wishes, and same to you that you may have fantastic xmas too. :)

  15. Sweetylicious,
    Thanks. I don’t think these cookies has a strong buttery taste, cause as you can see the are other ingredients to blend, such as brown sugar, oatmeal and ground cinnamon. However, if you are going to put any chocolate, I will suggest you can reduce the caster sugar for another 20-30 gr. I love cranberries too, if I bake this again, I will add more of the cranberries.

    Thank you. I think the chewyness of these cookies come from the oatmeal, maybe next time can just follow what Wendy did, add nuts in, sure these cookies will have nice combination chewy & crunchy. Hahahhaa I’m sure you will love it too!

    Hahaha … What a surprise hor! One recipe … different kinds of outlook. LOL. Most important yum yum yummy!

    Yeah, wrap in the small plastic bag, tie with the red ribbon, sure this will be a lovely gift for this Christmas :)

    Thanks for the lovely words.

    Chik Mimi,
    Terima kasih, Merry Xmas & Happy New Year to you too.

    You have to try this out, it can be addictive too 

    Yup, I love the combination too. So, since oatmeal used for the recipe, it can be consider as healthy cookies too … LOL …. Just joking, is an excuse, right?

  16. i feel like to grab some of this yummy cookies from you!

  17. ooooo... it really feels like Christmas & this cookies is perfect for the occasion!

  18. Sonia,
    Hahahaa .... thanks for the lovely comments.

    Ya ... how time flies, one more week to go for the Christmas :)