Cake Pops

As I mentioned earlier that I was very busy with the office workload for this month. I didn't have much time to make cake for my youngest one for his birthday celebration at his kindergarten, so thinking of easier way ... just to give small goodie snacks, which I can think of is "Cake Pops".

Get the idea from Bakerella and few tutorial videos from YouTube. Or you may check on recently fabulous cake pops that Anncoo , Shirley and Cathy made. I made this last week, and I was in rush while making this, so I didn't manage to get my cake stand like a cake pop. I only refrigerated for 15 minutes (as per instruction on the video), and quickly dipped into the chocolate, then my cake fell off from the stick. Hahahahaha ... that's why at the end I just gave up and put on top of the cupcake paper :)

Here the recipe that I prepared:

Chocolate Sponge Cake - recipe here

Frosting - Nutella butter cream:
75 gr butter
15 gr icing sugar
25 gr nutella

Cream butter & icing until pale & creamy. Add in Nutella until well incorporated.

Chocolate converture - 200 gr (melted by double boiler or microwave)

Topping - chocolate rice, nuts, other food sprinkles

How to make the cake pop:
- break the sponge cake into crumbs (by hands or mixer)
- add frosting to your crumbs, mixed it until you get soft dough
- roll in to cake balls
- rest & refrigerate 15 mins
- dip a bit of lollipop stick into melted chocolate, then stick it into cake balls
- rest & refrigerate until cold and hardened (I only refrigerate 30 mins, that's why it slipped off :) ... but according to Anncoo at least 30 mins in the freezer or rest overnight in the refrigerator)
- Carefully immerse the entire cake ball to the melted chocolate, tap lightly or rotate until
the excess chocolate falls off.
- Decorate it with food sprinkles
- Stick the pops in a styrofoam block to dry or leave it in the fridge.

Individual wrapping ..... and ready to distribute :)

Other pictures:

Useful basic tutorial videos:


  1. DG, I think these cake pops look very pretty. No worries, I saw some bloggers made cake pops and put it upside down too.
    Happy Easter!

  2. I just made some cake pops too. Quite fun & nice to eat~ ;)

  3. Anncoo,
    Thank you. Happy Easter to you too!

    Yup saw it, very pretty, just link it to yours too :)

  4. hey all of you are making cake pops! is it some kind of home bakers trend now? :P yours look really fun and adorable! think the kids will be thrilled to receive them

  5. So colourful. Well done! Do take good care of yourself too... :)

  6. DG, so tempting! I want to try this too, I think children will love this very much :)

  7. hi doris, this still looks very pretty even though you let them sit on the tray! nice work!

  8. So pretty the cake pops! I love it! Must learn how to make it, the kids will sure love it too. ;) Thanks to you ladies for sharing the detail steps and recipe. ;)

  9. so cute! i ever made some too but using brownies
    sponge cake is great idea so it wont be too dense
    thks! great idea for kids bday goodie bags :)

  10. The pops look great ! The ones with nuts look very much like ferraro rocher. But I like the ones with the colourful sprinkles. These must be a hit with the kids.

  11. Happy belated birthday to Ervin!

    The cake pop look fabulous. Vert colourful and pretty.

  12. what a great idea to have this for the guests to bring home! and so cute!

  13. Jean,
    I think just coincidence everyone making it at the same time, let's join the fun :)

    Thanks and appreciate of your concern. :)

    Try it, there are more cutie shapes available in Bakerella. You will enjoy making this and not only children, adults will enjoy eating this :D

    Lena, HoneyBee, Alice & Joyce,
    Thank you for your encouragement words.

    Cook.Bake.Love, J3ss, Crustabakes & Neyeeloh,
    Thanks for your kind comments :)

  14. Cute cake pops! I want to know how long can we keep this cake pops?

    Thanks, evelyn

  15. Hi Evelyn,
    As you know that I made this for my son's birtday gift, and this is quite irresistable, gone within two days :) You may make it in advance and will stay fresh up to one week when refrigerated.
    Happy Baking!

  16. Hi DG,

    Thanks for the info. I got another question is, do you get the ready-use frosting or do u make the frosting urself?

    thanks, evelyn

  17. Hi Evelyn,

    What do you mean by frosting? Do you mean the chocolate coating? I dipped the cake pop to the melted chocolate then decorated with food sprinkle/nuts. And just let it dry (leave in the fridge) before packaging.